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Topic: Lunar Chart and Hair Care

Hi Anthony,

Just want to say thank you for creating wonderful products, my hair loves everything.  After just 3 days I notice a incredible difference in my hair . The fullness, and baby soft texture is amazing. My mane is responding beautiful.

Antony, I have a question regarding the Lunar Chart. What hair care method would I use for Strengthen, Thicken,  Root Work and Beautifying,

I follow the days in red for Blunt Cutting,   I brush my hair 2 x per day everyday, I wash my hair every 3-4 days and alternate my shampoos, I condition each time I wash, I use my euro oil, daily and diamond mist daily, however, I'm not sure what to do on the dates marked on the chart for strengthen, thicken, root work and beautifying. For instance May 22-23 is Root Work, what should I do?

I apologize for the dumb questions.  I'm having wonderful success with your products.

In addition, when will your book be available for purchase, I have the e-book version I LOVE IT, SUCH INSPIRATION AND SUCCESS!!  also would you consider having classes online.  I would love to attend sign up for the Hair Revolution School within the next 6 months. 

I live in Newport Coast, CA

Kind Regards,


Re: Lunar Chart and Hair Care

for the Lunar chart
these dates are for haircutting only
one can achieve one of these 5 techniques for every time one blunt cuts ones hair
choose the technique and use that day for results.

as for on line HairRevolution
we have had many requests for this also but for now I will be giving classes here in central calif in Sept/Oct/Nov of 2009

as for the E-Book
its still in writing / editing / stages
perhpas in the fall shll have more to release but not sure as of now with alot of new projects going on
presently doing D&R for new products /  creating a series of videos to put on line on our website
perhpas these videos may really be inspiriting to learn more techniques vs on line classes?

thanks for going truly Natural and for your testimonal on our MM Hair Care

Great Health and Wealth

Re: Lunar Chart and Hair Care

Thank you so much for your reply!

I agree, the series of videos would be a wonderful idea!!  I'm excited for the book and videos, although, I may try to make it to the November, 2009 class.

Anthony, I think I understood what you said regarding the five techniques with the Lunar Chart,

If I want to see results in lenghthening my hair then blunt snip cut on those dates for example, June 4-5 is for lenghthing so cut on one of those days, June 18-19-20 is for thickening and so on,  Is this correct?

Also does it matter which day you cut whether it's the 18th, 19th, or 20th, and does the time of day make a difference, morning noon, evening.

According to the chart the best days for beneficial haircutting is Summer Solstice June 18-20, is this for thickening only, or does it include the other techniques as well. I want to cut my hair on June 20th, my birthday, for thickening, however, I also want to lengthen my hair does this mean I would cut also on June 4th or 5th?

I apologize for so many questions, I just want to get the process correct. I have the perfect tools, I have read spokes in the wheel, and understand how to use the products, I just need a little guidance.

Kind Regards,

Re: Lunar Chart and Hair Care

when the dates are for example thickening 18, 19 or 20 then any one of those days are equally good and the time of the day does not matter.
as for ones birthday that is a good ?
yes if the cycle falls direct on ones birthday then cut on that day for optimum results
as for the solstice and equinox dates these are by far the strongest of the 3 months and suggest doing one technique that month so cut one date that month for which ever technique one desires.

simply alternate one different technique each month to gain added strength and health in rebuilding ones scalp, growth patterns and oil gland functions.

great to hear your having good success in alternating MM products follow our method and see amazing results each step of the process.

the videos will be posted by end of summer early fall and will have several different topics aiding in visually seeing and hearing how to when to and giving added insights in growing Luxurious Hair Naturally.

great Health and Happienss/Hair/Healings

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Re: Lunar Chart and Hair Care

Wow!! I'm so ready to purchase the videos.  Anthony,  I have only used your products for 1 week you should see my hair, I have always been natural meaning no chemical process, or dyes  on the hair, however, the products I previously used were 100% junk, full of plastics, chemicals, and words I can't pronounce

Nevertheless, I came across your website, in my search for truly holistic, organic products, I was blessed to find your products and your school, I love health and beauty both go hand and hand. Spokes in the Wheel is 100% and beyond,   It takes 6 weeks to see any type of change in a unhealthy body.  Most people, believe they can just put product on their body or hair and that's it,  the body is a temple and should be treated as such. 

I work out 3 times a week, I meditate daily on the beach, I juice everyday in the morning. Six ounces of meat is all ones need, with plenty of fruits and vegetables.  I eat mostly fish, and maybe chicken, It's very inexpensive to eat healthy and cost a fortune to eat unhealthy. In addition, water is  so important, not only does it hydrate the body and internal organs it also hydrates the hair from the inside out.   

I have plans to build my website, this is why I want and need to attend the training, I'm not a hair stylist, however, I grew up around natural wash and go hair, my mom could actually sit on her hair, she washed her hair in rain water, when I was small she washed my hair with well water, and brushed my hair daily.   

I'm happy I found Morrocco Method

Thank you so much Anthony!!!!!  I look forward to the videos and book!!!

Re: Lunar Chart and Hair Care

good Tuesday Beautiful

like your title sounds like true Goddess energies
looking forward to your attending our Hair'Revolution this fall.

and will notify you when our videos get on our site and the book is completed
alot of great  projects for us all and healthy life styles.

Many Blessings

Re: Lunar Chart and Hair Care

Hi Anthony,

Such a honour to hear from you!! Please do keep me on your list, I look forward to the class and videos.  My hair is at peace and flourishing, my Doshas,  Vata and Pitta have become one now that I discovered "Spokes in the Wheel"  I apply the CHI Conditioner as a shampoo now!! However, I get over excited with the sprays I just got another order today of Diamond Mist, Euro Oil, CHI, Blood Dragon Gel and Feng Shea. The Diamond Mist it is truly my Diamond!! 

This is my first time using the Feng Shea!! when I can pen the perfect words to describe Feng Shea! I will email you (smile)!!!! My face is radiant!!!  June  20th is my birthday and Hair Spa Day, I will cut, detox, and condition my tresses and Feng Shea my skin. Feng Shea, is now part of  Beautifuls Hair and Skin Spa Days!!

Thank you so much Anthony for creating superior products that are born of the earth, my Vata, and Pitta thank you!

Kind Regards,


Re: Lunar Chart and Hair Care

Dear Beautiful

thanks for the updates and testimonal all sounds very healthy and healing

looking forward to seeing you at one of my fall classes here in Central Calif
Sept / Oct / Nov will be available for a very Spiritual Hair Revolution and Awakening to our 5 Senses

Great Health/Hair/Healings and Happiness