Topic: shampoo recommendation

my mother is interested in trying the mm shampoos.  can you recommend one that
she should start with before she buys the entire line?  she has very fine, straight hair.
i was going to recommend the sea essence but i'd like to hear your opinion first.



Re: shampoo recommendation

dear Alex

our basic info on each shampoo is listed on our website
FOR general use:

Pine shale , and apple cider vinegar for all hair types

***UPDATE: Pine Shale, Heavenly Chi, and Apple Cider Vinegar for all hair types***

for oily scalp and hair use Earth

for dry scalp and hair use Sea

and as we always recommend alternate
suggest getting our trial and travel tote to try all 4 and alternate to see optimum results.

***UPDATE: Morrocco Method now has 5 shampoos and 6 conditioners.***