Topic: still having hair shedding

hi anthony--

it's been a little over a month since i've been using the morocco method shampoos and styling gel, and i still have more shedding than i had before.  my hair hasn't been trimmed in months, though, so could that be part of it?  i wouldn't mind the shedding itself, but i think i'm seeing a bit more of my scalp in the back near the crown, where i had the most thinning before i started.  the hair in this spot has always been the driest and most damaged-looking part of my hair.  i'm trying to be patient and positive, but i'm also a little scared about losing too much.

i'm scheduled to get a haircut this friday and i'm installing my new shower filter next monday.
i just want to make sure that this amount of shedding is a normal part of the process.



Re: still having hair shedding

Dear Alex

yes a blunt hair cut is very much a part of re growth as the old hairs take up alot of energy needed to grow new hair follicles

the crown area is the most delicate and needs tlc
after only one month one must consider how much time it has taken to create this situation.
alternating all the products will help reconstruct a new scalp, oil glands and growth patterns
brusing and scalp massaging also a good part of spokes in the wheel.

more shedding not to worry this is part of detoxing.
are you doing our Zen Detox?  it helps to do a deep cleansing and follow instructions

Use in Good Health and thanks for going truly Natural