Topic: Anthony should i be using the elixirs !


I have been using Hair Loss & Scalp Health Recovery PLUS Package since day one, i never really used the exlixirs except for the one that came with the package.  I read of people using them often. But also when i wrote you, you had suggested using the shampoos and conditioners, brushing and massaging and the timely haircuts, you didnt mention to use elixirs. Why are some using elixirs and some not.  should i be using them too, they are a bit expensive for me right now. I still havent seen progress yet its been 15 months.

Thanks again

Re: Anthony should i be using the elixirs !

Dear Willis

sounds like its time to bring in the elixir series
they are on sale on our website sign up for our premier mailing lists and the elixirs change each month for a sale.

suggest reading up on our educational literature to see which set will work for you as they are 3 choices.

after many decades I have heard many of my personal clients say I have seen No results so far after many months or years of work.
i would take out my  pictures of them before and during, as I took pictures every time they would come in for a hair shaping and save them in a file.
and all of them would say "amazing there is alot of growth/difference since my first pictures and they were always happy to see great growth and results.
the trouble with all of us is that we get blinded by daily looking into the mirror and don't see the difference from the beginning stages of when one first starts off with MM
suggest taking pictures like every couple of months and start a visual to see the many growth stages as one progresses over time.
many clients would say that when they met a old friend they comment would be "what have you done to your hair you have alot more now then when I last say you"
so this is another way of telling progress over a long period of time.

and thanks for going truly Natural Simple PUre