Topic: Naturally Shed Hairs Mostly Gray Ones!

I've been taking vitamins, including hair vitamins for a few months now and am simultaneously using the MM only for my hair care.

I have tailbone length brown hair but about 20% of those are now coming in gray. The majority of those gray hairs are about chin length. Since I've started adding the MM to my routine, about a month now, I've started noticing that the majority of my naturally shed hairs are the shorter gray ones!

I would say that I am only losing a total of about 10-20 hairs a day at the maximum, usually just 10 or so.

I am wondering if this is common with others using the MM? And what the cause might be, specifically?

Interested to hear your thoughts.

Thank you,

Re: Naturally Shed Hairs Mostly Gray Ones!

Our general hair loss is about 30 to 50 hairs daily
this is a scientific fact
our bodies shed and re grow daily at all levels
not to worry with this type of hair loss
the most significent hair loss is when one notices hair laying on the pillow in the am this is truly unnatural hair loss all else is common.

let me know if you have any other concerns
wishing you great Health and Hair