Topic: loosing short hairs

dear anthony,

i've noticed for a while that alot of the hair that I loose are actually shorter hairs, about 2-4 inches long, with a root bulb at one end and a taper at the other. 
My hair was waist length when i was a child and teen, so i know in the past at least it was able to grow much longer, almost 2 feet!

that being said, what would be the reason for hairs to fall out after such a short growth cycle? 

(is this consistent with stress hair loss, genetic hair loss, nutritional deficiency, hormonal reasons?)

Re: loosing short hairs

Dear Kathy

sounds stress related
suggest doing alot of scalp massaging several times per day gently but often to get more air and blood circulating.
brushing also 3 times per day as prescribed.  getting alot more sebum to the ends of ones hair.

cutting once per season or sooner is also very important and using MM lunar cycle.

exercise, walking and stretching very important to relax the soul and ones scalp.

great Health and Hair