Topic: rubber scalp massager

Can anyone compare the rubber scalp massager to the wooden one?

how do you use it?  is it kept in one place and moved around or  is it moved across the scalp?

I have a wooden pegged one and i always feel like it is either too hard or like only a few of the pegs are making contact with my scalp.


Re: rubber scalp massager

The rubber scalp massager is much better.  Its much softer and won't yank any hair if you have long hair.
To my surprise, it works quite well in the shower during the 2nd shampoo.  I do circular motions in one area and then move on to the next.

Although, during the first 1-2 weeks I used it only on my back of my head.  After wearing down the points a bit I then used it on the front comfortably.