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Anthony, thank you so much for your great products! I just begun using them and my hair is already feeling so much better, more alive. I have however a problem with dandruff, which I did not have before. What can I do? Could it be part of the detox and get better with time?
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For this type of dandruff suggest:
doing the ZEN DETOX WEEKLY for 4 to 8 weeks.
Alot of brushing and scalp massaging will be very beneficial to get blood and air into ones scalp.
Our shampoos and conditioners are also a natural detox product with will speed things up.
This will get better in time as you are rebuilding and reconditioning your scalp.
This is a good thing.
Great Health

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Thanks a lot Anthony. One more question, I have more frizzies and my hair seems a little more dry since I strated using your products. Could this also be part of a detox period? What could I do and can it improve with time?

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I've experienced some of the same issues.  I'm thinking maybe it is attributed at least in part to some detoxing, but not entirely sure.  One thing that sometimes helps me is if I use just a little of the Euro Oil in my hair before shampooing.  Also I use the MM conditioners.  At first the Chi conditioner seemed to make my hair drier, but now seems to help.

Good luck!

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Thanks a lot, Pnut, I appreciate it!

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Mostly all of the products out there today are wax based.

when using MM products this will strip off the wax and therefore ones hair is left dry.

but within a short period of time like 7 to 14 days one will be brought back to their natural condition.

so time and patience will prove very Healthy and Reconstructive.

Wishing you great health and Hair