Topic: regarding sea salt soap

Anthony regarding sea salt soap. Since it does use palm oil etc things we probably would not be putting into out body if one is on the raw food diet, do you still consider this a safe product.

Also how cold water do you end your shower with. Really cold or somewhat warm//cold?

Thanks again

Re: regarding sea salt soap

All of the ingredients in this soap are organic and we do support and endorse the celtic sea salt society in all that they do for raw foodists.

Suggest in showering to start with warm and slowly cool down the water temp to as cold as one is comfortable.  this depends on the seasons also.  winter one may want to finish with a cool rinse.  but in summer with a cold rinse.
finishing off with what is comfortable for each individual.
Closing the pores at the end of the shower is improtant but being comfortable at all times is also a very important position.
Great Health
Anthony Morrocco

Re: regarding sea salt soap

Hi, are all of the ingredients in your product line RAW
(heated under 100 F)?
If not, can you tell me which aren't and why they need
to be heated?

Re: regarding sea salt soap

YES ALL OF our products at MM are RAW
They are usually WILD CRAFTED ORGANIC and harvested with Natural cycles to insure that we do not over harvest.
Never heard of heating products?
could you explain more?
to my knowledge all ingredients are poured into a  vat, formulated and mixed and then bottled.

Thank you for your concerns.