Topic: lunar chart

Dear Anthony,
I just read your e-book. I loved reading about your own journey along with indepth information about the MM program and why each step brushing/nutrition/lunar cycle/shampooing/attitude is so important.
I read that if you have thinning hair it may be good to have your hair cut on a strengthening day the first month, a thickening day the next month and a roots day the next month- does this mean having my hair cut once a month for the next three months or once a month for an even longer period? Can anyone do a blunt cut? How do I find the right person- I live in a small town.

Re: lunar chart

one does not have to cut every month
simply choose the dates and alternate with your above mentioned Lunar energies
can be every other month or once per season

blunt hair cutting takes a expert and one who is not chop and style happy?
so simply tell the hairdresser to simply blunt the ends only no three layers nor razor cuts not even layering just blunt the ends wet hair is the way to go with scissors only

Great Health and Hair