Topic: goddess elixers

Hi Anthony

I recently got the 4 elixers in the god/goddess series - they are very oily for my hair so I wondered if it would work for me to just use them at night rather than use them in the morning and the evening. Otherwise my hair looks too greasy.

Thanks for your advice and peace to everyone at this Blessed time .

Re: goddess elixers

yes they are very oily drop by drop

suggest for daily use simply put a FEW DROPS ONLY into the palms rub together and massage into the hair and ends
very little goes a long way

in the evening again alittle into ones hair line and areas where ones hair is thinning
on nights apply liberally into ones hair and scalp and leave in all night and next day so its a spa day when you can have your hair oily.

please re read directions

Great Health and Hair