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Topic: Morrocco Method testimonial (for men)

I got my hair cut this morning and with all that time to look at my hair in the mirror being brushed/trimmed I was amazed in my realisation of how thick it was and how my hairline seemed so thick also. It really was like going back in time to my early twenties- the hairdresser had to attempt brushing it a few times because it was so thick (I've never experienced that before- it has never been that thick).

I had a feeling when I first discovered the Morrocco Method website 'by chance' that this was the real deal in a sea of fake lotions and toxic medications, but it still took time for me to get out of my own way and believe that transformation was possible. What I'm trying to say is- this really works if you give it time and have patience.  I have been using Morrocco Method products plus I began regular brushing/scalp massaging since the end of 2007; this is a gradual process allowing the body to do its bit- my forcing/stressing only slowed the process, I fully believe.  When experiencing hair loss, we can get stuck on the 'glass half empty', lack side of things- and not notice our improvement but fixate on what isn't working, as Anthony has said.  And so I started loving my scalp and appreciating my hair follicles and thanking them for doing their best. I started distracting myself by focusing on my overall appearance rather than 'zooming in' on my hair- I also distracted myself by focusing on other wonderful areas of my life. A while ago, when I was still stressing about my hair loss and how terrible it was (even considering surgical procedures), I followed Anthony's advice of looking at an old picture of me (taken three years ago) and realised my hairline looked no better then than it did now- even though I was convinced it had got so much worse. Perception is a big thing.

But now I know, from the tangible evidence I have seen, that regrowing hair is very possible. I believe hair is an indicator of overall health and/or keenly related to stress... Hair loss is actually a gift to gently encourage you to change your lifestyle- and in a way I am grateful for it. Thinking this is one thing- but seeing results is fantastic and I was so inspired to share this with everyone. Yes, I have a little way to go but now I know it's possible and I know I can do it. And so can you.

Re: Morrocco Method testimonial (for men)

Hi Michael and Bravo

thanks for the great testimonal and your very insightful to realize many spokes in the wheel and come full circle back to being GRATEFUL
Our Gratitude and Attitude is everything I could not have said it better.

yes seeing ones before picture truly shows one how time and paticence and new habits and 100% Natural hair care/body care and health care actually works.  but it takes the time and effort to do the actual work on oneself as does anything valuable in our lives.
Actaully we are now coming out of winter, well in March actually and then you will see a major growth when we enter into the new energies for growth in spring another time to be Grateful for .

Thank you for sharing and supporting us all in our community and inspiring us all to smell the Roses as we only go by Once.

wishing you Great Health is our Wealth & Many Blessings

Anthony Morrocco