Topic: Wooden brushes?

Hi! I have been longing for a boar bristle brush for a few months now but I have heard recently that wooden brushes have the same outcomes (Moving oil thoughout hair, less brakage, ect.). Are both good options? Is one better than the other? I would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!

Re: Wooden brushes?

I have heard of using a wood comb to move oil through the hair but I don't think a wood brush will give you as much scalp stimulation that you will get from a boar bristle brush.

Re: Wooden brushes?

I'd go with boar's hair or boar's + nylon bristles. I've used wooden brushes in the past and I found that their stiffer bristles lead to more hair breakage and damage. You can really go at it with a boar's hair brush, because that's what it's meant to do! They are easy on your hair and therefore prevent a lot of damage. 
As far as combs go, I like a wide tooth wooden comb, and I use this for detangling when I'm fresh out of the shower. Always start at the ends or you'll loose hair that's not ready to fall. 

Don't fear the boar's hair! I totally did, and was dragging my feet at using one. Once I used it regularly I found that it's the absolute best for my hair and my hair has never looked better. Also brushing with a boar's hair brush feels amazing. Nothing is better!

<3 Emma

Re: Wooden brushes?

Thanks! I really want to get one. I will eventually but then I saw a few people mentioning wood. I think they were just vegan and didn't like the boar bristle brushes for that reason so it was their substitute maybe? I will definately be getting a boar bristle brush over the wooden one! Thank you!