Topic: Teresa's Jouney To Healthy Hair

Day Six:  Pine Shale Shampoo followed by Apple Cider Vinegar rinse. 
I noticed a significant difference in my hair this morning when I was wrapping it in the towel.  My hair is definitely smoother. 

Comb out; Diamond Crystal Mist, 4 drops of Euro oil.  The comb glides through my hair.  The tangles from showering and shampooing are easily combed through.  Today I combed my hair the opposite direction to dry. 

3 hours later.  My hair is dry now.  I finger combed through it.  It is soft, silky and sexy and super shiny with a lot of volume and bounce.  Today is a great hair day!

Re: Teresa's Jouney To Healthy Hair

Seems like your having a great detox so far after using the Zen Detox! I haven't had any issues yet especially since I have only washed one time so far but my hair hasn't needed another and I am on day 3. Tomorrow will be my second wash and I wonder how things will turn out then. I am thinking this weekend may be a great time to try the Zen Detox to just speed up that process of detoxing I'm expecting but have yet to seen. 

My hair was really tangly after washing with shampoo the first time. The Diamond Crystal Mist seems to work amazingly for you with that issue, may have to try it. 

Glad you are having a great hair day, you should post a picture so we can see nomicons/smile 
Have a great day Teresa <3