Topic: scalp massage

I have been using the rubber brush, but my hair is thick and long.  I have a hard time getting to parts of may scalp.  Also this makes my hair look like I teased it, like in the 80's.  Am I doing something wrong?

Re: scalp massage

Hi Nicolle, 

Did you get the brush with a boar's/nylon blend? That will help since it's a bit stiffer. To brush all the way through, start brushing at the nape to load up on all the good scalp oils. Then start brushing at the front of the hairline, back. Then once you have finished brushing that section, clip it to the side with a hair clip and move to a new section. I section horizontally when I am doing this, aka. parting "from ear to ear." Remember to brush from root to tip. Hope this helps!

As far as the frizz goes, I know for me my hair was very frizzy before. I had to add oils to the ends to stop the frizz. This was because my hair wasn't fully saturated with my own oils. As time has gone on, my hair has gotten very much used to the boar's hair and now a plastic bristle brush feels totally off. Once you are done brushing with the boar's, do a few smoothing strokes to bring your hair back down to earth. That should help too.

Good luck!

<3 Emma