Topic: Just got my sample packs - what's the best way to start?

HI - I just received the shampoo and conditioner trial packs, and I'm really excited! Thanks for the fast shipping, too.

I wanted to get some input on the best way to get started on the program. I've been using a natural, sls-free cleanser for the last two years, cleansing every 4 or 5 days, conditioning with a nature-based but NOT all natural conditioner daily, and using primarily all -natural styling products. So my hair and scalp are in fairly good condition. That said, I do tend to have an itchy scalp with some buildup, even right after shampooing with my old stuff, and I'm really looking forward to that issue resolving with the Morrocco Method.

I'm thinking, to start out as fresh as possible, I ought to begin with the Zen Detox treatment this evening, and then fall into my shampoo rotation, starting with the Apple Cider Vinegar one for maximum revitalizing and detoxing. Does that make sense? Also, I've always used very heavy, oil and plant butter based conditioners, which have worked nicely to weigh down my hair and keep the curls formed smoothly. What might I expect with the conditioning mists and the Chi detangler? I'm used to a fair amount of slip, but if I know in advance that I won't have such a slippery feel with the new products, I won't worry about it.

Lastly, a question about the Hennas - I've got natural dark red hair that I'm always looking to make a bit less deep looking - dark hair plus thick curls just really makes a heavy dark mass around my face. Would the copper henna shade help to bring out my natural copper and gold highlights? I know henna doesn't lift the color, but I don't want to take it darker into the black cherry realm, either.

Thanks bunches - I'm happy to have this forum for questions!


Re: Just got my sample packs - what's the best way to start?

Hi Yes your on target
zen weekly is a good thing for about 4 weeks then once per month for 3 then once per season.
Alternate the shampoos each time a different one.
as for the styling our Blood of the Dragon is amazing and quite healthy.
suggest mixing 1/2 red with 1/2 mahagony and slowly change the formula toward your goals.
Great Adventures
Anthony Morrocco