Topic: Cleaning Brushes

Is there any recommendations with how to clean the boar bristle brushes?  I try with just water and soap but it seems to get dirty again so fast.  I see a lot of lint, dog hair all tangled in the brush.

Any tips would be appreciated.


Re: Cleaning Brushes

It's totally normal for the brush to get a build-up of hair, lint, and your scalp's sebaceous oils.  

Here are some instructions on how to clean the boar bristle brush:
• Remove hair with a wide tooth comb, carefully so as not to pull out the bristles. 
• Gently cleanse the brush with some MM shampoo (or water), using a cloth to wipe. 
• Rinse only: do not submerge the brush. 
• Squeeze out excess water that might have gotten trapped in the rubber cushion.
• Lay brush on a towel with the bristles facing down to dry.

Happy hair journey!

Re: Cleaning Brushes

That sounds easy enough.  Thank you Katie.

Re: Cleaning Brushes

I'm having trouble getting the lint out of the brush. I have used the method you suggested above. I'm not really sure how the lint got there. I have only had the brush for a few weeks. If that. Once I get it cleaned I will put it in a baggie to make sure the lint does not get near it. It is stuck to the boar's bristle and WILL NOT COME OUT! Any suggestions?? Please help it is really yucky nomicons/sad