Topic: Emily's Hair Journal

I come from a family background of oily hair.  Everyone on my Dad's side has to wash their hair once a day and tend to have oily skin.  I started MM so that I could eliminate the store bought shampoo and hopefully not have to wash my hair as often.  My pre-MM hair routine included daily showers using average shampoo or shampoo on the more natural side.  I very rarely used any heat or styling products (maybe once every 2-3 months), so my only chemical exposure has been through shampoo.

I started MM about the middle of December 2014, hoping to get through the detox period during my college Christmas break.  I used Zen detox for 4 consecutive weeks, and alternated the shampoos on the other days.  When I had social events, I typically washed my hair with baking soda and an ACV rinse.  I realize baking soda is damaging, but I did not want to undo the detoxing I was doing.  My hair is always greasier after the shower than before I got in when using MM, and consecutive days of MM shampoo meant added layers of grease/waxyness/stickyness.  Once school started, I started using baking soda and ACV everyday because my hair is too greasy looking otherwise to go out.

I pulled my MM products out again this weekend hoping to get through the detox, but I need some tips on going through detox when I am attending class each day.  When I use MM I use a very small amount, dilute the shampoo 50/50 or more and wash twice, and typically do an ACV rinse per the advice I read somewhere else on these forums.  Zen detox is the only MM product that gets my hair almost clean.  My head looks like a grease slick if I don't use baking soda or regular shampoo.  I'm still hoping MM products will eventually work.  If I do baking soda/ACV during the week and MM on the weekends will my hair eventually detox.  I know that is not ideal, but I don't know what else to do.

I also brush my hair once or more per day, and try to scalp massage frequently.  My brush gets filled with gunk quickly and the gunk typically gets stuck in my hair again even though I wash my brush once or twice a week.  Brushing does not make my hair look any less greasy.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.