Topic: I got the products, but now where should I start?

I recently ordered the Healthy Hair Starter package as well as the small boar/nylon brush, a jar of the zen detox, and two packs of henna (one red, one brown). I have a few questions.

1. I live in a hard water area but am moving to a soft water area at the end of the month. Should I wait to start these products until I get there? Or can I start now?

2. Should I start with the shampoo rotation first or do a zen detox first?

3. Should I start using the boar brush & head massager immediately?

4. Should I wait to use the henna until after I get through the hair detox portion? Or only until after I am done using the Zen detox?

5. Can I mix the red and brown henna to try and create a red/brown color?


Re: I got the products, but now where should I start?

I can answer a couple-

1. Totally your choice IMO, I made a straight switch to natural products in hard water unknowingly and it worked GREAT, then NOT great, and so forth, you never know what might happen! Hah!
3. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes nomicons/smile I love them both! The scalp massager was an unexpected surprise for me, I found it quickly transformative even. Made me realize how little I contemplated my scalp beforehand. Brushing I didn't see benefits until I did it enough, now I feel it does so much to protect, condition and clean.

Re: I got the products, but now where should I start?

Thanks so much for your input, Ajlez! nomicons/smile 

I am on vacation in Hawaii so I brought the shampoos and figured I would jump right into it! I'm planning to do one rotation of the shampoos (one shampoo to go!) and then go ahead and do my first zen detox. Then I figured I will just repeat that schedule for 4 weeks and hope I get to decent hair by the end of it (fingers crossed)!

A LOT of hair seems to be coming out already but I'm taking that as a good sign (out with the bad to make room for the good?). My hair is already thicker (it has never been thick a single day in my ENTIRE life) and the detox portion definitely seems to be starting but isn't too disgusting yet. 

So far, I love the brush and hope to appreciate the head massager better sooner. I think I will also read up on the massager more soon too. Maybe I just don't get it yet.

Again, thanks for the input! If anyone else has more input regarding my original questions, please feel free to share!