Topic: Finding Right Henna/Indigo

Hi!  I have porous hair that readily takes on red and black colors.  That said, when I tried the Light Brown with Amla (no indigo) my hair took on a nice light brown color but didn't last long. 

Without the Amla, the Light Brown henna made my hair turn orange.
When I tried the Light Brown with Indigo, my hair came out nearly jet black. 

When I tried the Medium Brown henna with Amla (no indigo), the orange color became more intense.

I cover the "mistakes" with Aveda's Black Malva color conditioner.  This helps but I cannot afford the time and aggravation to experiment.   Can someone help me find the right amounts?   My natural hair is medium brown -- it's more brown than black.

Re: Finding Right Henna/Indigo

I have used Henna Light Brown 3 times now and I cannot get rid of all of the red. It gives some brown but mostly red highlighting. I used the Amla. What can I do?