Topic: Green Tinge after last henna treatment

After my last henna treatment, I had a green tinge that rubbed off on my neck and hands and anything that got close to my hair. I wasn't sure if this was a result of not successfully rinsing out all of the henna. I have long, thick, curly hair or if I messed up the mix. I did not measure the mixes, but used a combination of dark brown and black henna. I have dark brown hair with greys. I got henna shy after this most recent attempt and haven't tried since. Any advice anyone can offer about how to prevent this from happening again would be greatly appreciated, and if anyone has any advice to share that would help the process of using henna on thick, long hair more manageable, I would love to hear it. I really want to adopt a healthier, more natural approach to care for my hair, but I'm too vain to keep the greys.
Also, I've noticed that when I use the henna after mixing and waiting, the mixture is much thicker than when I started. Is it okay to add more tea to the mixture at this point to make it more manageable?

Re: Green Tinge after last henna treatment

I always thought green tinge only came from henna mixed with bad ingredients, but more recently read you could end up with greens or blacks from hard water too, because it will be leaving buildup in your hair if you are always in contact with it and that could create a reaction. I was then rather concerned because I know my water quality is undesirable even with my filter, my water leaves orange/brown/red residues on things from the minerals in it. So when I did a light blonde henna treatment last month I got really scared when the water turned black as I washed it out!! Fortunately, it didn't leave any bad colors on my hair, but I won't be using it again without having switched to better water for a while first.

Do add more tea if the mixture isn't smooth enough to apply to your hair. I've only hennaed twice, but last time my consistency became too thick and it clumped when I scooped it out so I looked this up and the verdict was to just add more liquid. I had drank my remaining tea nomicons/grin so I added some bottled water instead, the consistency came out fine and I was then able to apply it easily nomicons/smile