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Let me start off by saying I have PCOS. One of the symptoms is thinning of the hair on the top of the head and crown. I've always kind of noticed a little bit of thinning since diagnosed, but I've always had so much hair that it wasn't a big deal. Until I turned 30. I used Minoxidil for a little while which kind of helped but it was a bit of an inconvenience using it. Then one night on vacation I was up late obsessing about my hair and I stumbled across someones website who has PCOS as well. She was RAVING about Morrocco Method and how she'd used it for about 9 months and could see a huge difference. 
I thought I'd give it a try. I'm usually pretty bad about sticking with things (diets, but I told myself I would stick it out at least through the detox period to see if there was a difference. 
Let me tell ya...there was a difference right away. I started this in mid-June and my hair is already thicker. Not just on the crown and hairline but everywhere. I used to wrap my ponytail holder around my hair 3-4 times, now it's now more than 2. 
The current downside... My hair is really, really long so I think the detox process is taking its time. It still feels greasy, but the texture of my hair has changed as well. It frizzes a bit more easily than it used to, but my hair (which has always been stick straight) now holds curls really well. I notice it does have kind of a stringiness to it that I never had before but I think that's just part of the detox process. Certain shampoos definitely work better than others with my naturally oily scalp/hair. The Apple Cider Vinegar one is great, the Earth, and the Pine Shale are great. But the Sea Essence works FANTASTIC at ridding my hair of any dandruff.  I can't remember the name of the 5th one, but it leaves my hair feeling like there's a film on it. 
Conclusion: My hair is not as greasy as it was when I first started this process. And I have new hair growth that i didn't have before. I consider this a success so far!

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So I went back and counted and it's been about ten weeks since starting the shampoos. I just now found out I'm not supposed to be brushing my hair when wet, so...there's that. lol It's very, VERY difficult for me not to do so. My hair is just so long that it gets tangled easily. It may be time for a haircut. nomicons/sad  I bought a boar bristle brush at my local grocery store and i can't stand it. Maybe it's not a quality brush or something, because it just kind of smooths over the top of my hair; it doesn't actually penetrate down to brush all my hair...does that make sense? lol Plus it just gets nasty stuff in it. I clean it but this filmy lint just sticks around. I bought a new one that I'm hoping works a little better. 
I wonder if just using my nylon brush would be better than nothing? 
Anyways, I'm still sticking with it! I think my hair is almost out of the detox period. It's really weird though...all my hair feels great except for this one patch of hair at the back of my head. lol It feels greasy no matter what. I try to pay extra attention to it when shampooing but that's not helping either. I'm hoping it just works itself out.
But I've worn my hair up for the past ten weeks. It works because I'm in humid heat in Texas, but once winter starts my hair better have de-grossified itself 100% so I can wear it down. nomicons/smile

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