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Okay, so the other topic (Doubt) was closed so I created this one. If you want to merge it...

So, I've stopped using tha "natural" anti dandruff shampoo and started only using the morrocco shampoo. Only one week passed, used 2 times the shampoo and my hair is full of dandruff again. Im using the pine shale and sea essence and doing Raw Apple Cider Vinegar rinses. Is this normal? It's been a couple months since I started using morrocco method and the only shampoo i used besides that was the one I said for the dandruff, like for a month. Maybe my type of hair/skin doesn't work with morrocco? I dunno... I really lost some hair since I started this method and some of the hair won't grow anymore... so, I really don't want to lose more and always have this itchy dandruff which looks horrible...

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Good Afternoon. One of the clarifications we need to make in this sort of scenario is whether or not this dandruff is actually dandruff, or if it is debris and dirt coming up to the surface of your hair and scalp. The easiest way to figure this out is that the dirt and debris are a yellow color, and pretty sticky. Dandruff will be white. Both can cause itch. The first step is to put the Euro Oil on your scalp. You may start as an application, using the scalp massager and/or brush to really spread and help absorb the oils into your scalp. From there you may leave on for 10 minutes, and then rinse out with Apple Cider Vinegar and water, and then maybe some shampoo. If you find that this helps at all, do it more often. Should your scalp have dandruff and no build up, using the Euro Oil as a deep, over night, hydrating treatment would be best. Apply good amounts of the oil, wrap hair up in a towel, and then leave over night. Rinse out in the morning and use Zen Detox to soak up any extra oils. 
Increased hair fall is normal with MiM as your hair is detoxing. Increased blood flow means that your scalp is doing what it is supposed to and pushing out dead roots in order to make room for new hair growth. As your hair is more damaged at the moment, more hair fall will happen until your scalp and hair are in the best condition.

Pine Shale and Sea Essence Shampoo are normally the recommended shampoos for dry hair and scalp, however if your issue is not caused by dryness, these shampoos may not be correct for you, by themselves. To better detox I would suggest incorporating the other shampoos. You may purchase small 2 oz bottles of the others. This will allow your scalp to receive all nutrients it may need, and you may discover other shampoos work best for you in rotation. This is generally why we do not give product recommendations prior to detox.

I hope this helps!

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for dandruff you should take  proper treatment for dandruff