Topic: skin irritation and oil

Hi. I have been using MM for four months now. Not sure if I should give up. 
All the shampoos except for Pine Shale or Sea Essence give my skin irritation. I have a raised rash on the back of my neck and around my eyes are very irritated after shampooing for at least a day. And my scalp gets flaky and very oily. 
When I use Pine Shale I have oily scalp and with Sea Essence it's even more.
I have tried the apple cider vinegar rinses and they have not been helping with the irritation or scalp oil or dandruff.

I have tried the Euro oil but that left my hair so oily and shampooing and apple cider vinegar could not help bring back down to a normal level for a few days.

Not sure what to do. I don't want to give up now, but my hair is not getting better and my skin is suffering.
I doubt I am still detoxing as I eat a very healthy diet and have not done too much to my hair other than non MM shampooing. No dyes, harsh chemicals, or blow drying.