Topic: Dry hair with waxy/sticky feel

I've been using MM for over a year, mostly just the shampoos and lots of boar brushing (and cleaning of brushes!!), and it seems I can never have the same hair everyday. I've never been happy with my hair but I like that my hair seems more full and shiny (regular shampoo makes it very limp and dry). Lately I feel like my hair is super dry - straw-like, but it doesn't look dry because it has a waxy layer on it that if you squeeze the dry hair, you hear a slight crunchy sound and it feels sticky/waxy and gets on your hand. It usually has a matted appearance too (hair sticks, strands do not flow separately). I use filtered water and don't use any other products on my hair, but I feel like it is always dusty and waxy. Do I need a Zen detox? I'm worried it will dry out my hair more.

Re: Dry hair with waxy/sticky feel

I have had the exact same issue !  I am only 10 months along but I am experiencing the same thing.  I started using MM because I hair wasnt doing well with regular shampoos (seemed damaged and dry and was loosing its body and curl some, even though I used no heat or hair prodicts other than shampoo and conditioner).  For about 4-5 months my hair went through a very obvious detox period but then it evened out into what seems to be its norm.  I have continued with nothing but MM products and while my hair regained some body and curl it is starting to feel very dry and damaged again. On top of that I have the same waxiness you are talking about. It isn't as bad as durning the detox, but if I run my hand through my hair even just 5 or so times it comes away with a visable coat of waxy gunk from my hair. This coat seemes to give my hair body but it feels gross and makes my hair look slightly dirty all the time (like you said, strands stick together, hair doesn't flow etc).  Plus it is embarrassing. My boyfriend likes/ed to give me head rubs but he hasn't been as much lately and I'm embarrassed to ask cause I know he'll have to wash his hands after.  I've explained about the MM but it still makes me seem kinda unhygenic for my hair to be that gross all the time.  Is there anything I can do?  I love the idea of being all natural and my hair is better than it was in some ways, but I'm getting to the point where i can't stand how it feels. Also, it seems to be escalating.  It didn't used to be this bad but its building up more and more. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Re: Dry hair with waxy/sticky feel