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Topic: Help on choosing products?

I have very long wavy/curly hair. It used to be thick and healthy but I lost a lot of it due to a vitamin deficiency 2 years ago. It finally started growing back but recently I started losing hair again (I'm a woman in my early 30's... This shouldn't be happening).  
I tried the no 'poo method for a couple of months, I seemed to be past the detox period, but the baking soda damaged my hair terribly (breakage and more hair loss), so now I'm back to regular shampoo nomicons/sad
I have been reading a lot about Morrocco Method products and I want to try it but I don't know which of the products are best for my hair type and condition. My hair doesn't get oily, but the long ends get dry and it sometimes gets frizzy. 
I was thinking of buying a couple of shampoos, a conditioner, and maybe one more product that could help in my condition, but I'm open to other suggestions... Help please???