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I am ordering the four shampoos with the chi conditioner.  However, I do not know if I need to use the Euro Oil or Zen detox to start out with in my hair regimen.  Several years ago, I had to take blood thinners for 6 months and lost 20% of my hair.  I am no longer on them.  My hair finally started growing back over the past 1.5 years.  I also have an autoimmune disorder to my thyroid which causes me to have hypothyroidism.  I take a natural thyroid supplement and it is well controlled.  I eat very clean too.  My problem is with my scalp. I have a very itchy scalp.  I have tried nizoral and have some success with it.  I thought I might have allergies to natural shampoo and condition (Jason products) that I use. It also seems that I have abnormal hair loss at the beginning of summer and mid fall.   I am at a loss on what to do.  I needed to go completely natural and found your website.  Any thoughts from you would be appreciated.

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Hi Dixieland,

Like you i too have a very itchy scalp. i've been using MM's products for a couple of months now and they have really made an improvement. When i was about 17 my scalp started itching, it got worse and worse and in the end i went to see my MD, he prescribed me Nizoral but it never helped me, it only worsened my condition. Anyway, to make a long story short, or shorter :-) ... i've been to MD's and Dermatologists, i've been prescribed special shampoos and even hormone cream for my scalp, nothing helped. i've tried what seems like every brand on earth, nothing helped, over time my scalp only got worse. It would itch like crazy and drive me insane, it would get inflamed, hot and i had different sized bumps on my scalp, plus i've lost about 30% of my hair... that's a lot to a woman :-) Now, i've had this condition for a decade, then one day browsing the net i stumbled across MM's site and i read about the products and thought "Yeah right!", but since it was all natural (and i'd found out natural was the way to go), then i ordered the sample pack. i had nothing to lose. And wow... it worked!

My scalp is still itchy, but if it was itching 100% before i started MM, then it's now down to 40% And i no longer have bumps on my scalp, plus it's not nearly as red and inflamed as it used to be, it's actually becoming normal. And i am so thrilled about it. To me that's the best. i know it will improve even more as the months go by, because it has. And down the line i hope i will see new hair growth. My hair now is soft with a healthy shine, and it feels thicker too. i have thin, limp hair... or i used to, now it has more body and i can even sleep on it and still go out without thinking it looks too limp. And for the first time i am letting my hair grow longer.

i rotate between all four shampoos, then i use the Volumizer Conditioner for now, but am definitely going to try the Chi Instant Conditioner. i have the blonde boar bristle brush and the scalp massager which i use several times every day... it feels so good :-) And i've done the scalp detox. So, i definitely think you'd benefit from MM's products :-)

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Dear MacKey,
Thank you so much for sharing your story.  It is good to hear that other people have had the same problem and have had success with MM's products.  I am starting to get excited about getting started on the shampoos and conditioners.  And now that I think about it, I have had bumps on my scalp as well in the past.  I didn't think much about the scalp massager, but now that you mentioned it I think I will give it a go.  I appreciate your inupt. = )
To Future Hair Health,

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Dear Anthony,
I have been waiting on a response to my previous question on 6/20/2006 on what to do about my hair regimen. I have not gotten a response to my question on whether I needed to start out with Zen Detox for my hair regimen or Euro Organic Oil first for scalp problems.  I know you are extremely busy so I am trying to wait patiently, but at the same time I feel there is hope in these products from the first time I found your  website, so forgive me if I seem anxious.  I have already ordered and decided to go with Zen Detox, but now I don't know if I should've gone with the Euro Oil.   I have naturally curly hair as well and it soaks up any conditioner that I use.  Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
thank you,

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Dear Dixieland
thank you for your posts and concerns.
first of all

Jason's Naturals is anything but natural.  Upon reading the ingredients one will discover many chemcial ingredients and names one cannot pronounce.  Jason's is sold in many health food stores but is far from being natural.  Suggest one stops using then completely as they are not helping the detox process by any means.

might have allergies to natural shampoo and condition (Jason products) that I use. It also seems that I have abnormal hair loss at the beginning of summer and mid fall.   I am at a loss on what to do.  I needed to go completely natural and found your website.  Any thoughts from you would be appreciated

Recommend using MM products exclusively for 90 days to see a major improvement.

Start with our Zen Detox weekly for 4 weeks then go to bi montly for two months then once per month this will help detox all of the toxins and chemical ingredients from other so called natural hair care.

For dry hair do use our Euro Natural oil daily a few drops on the ends after showering.
then once per week use liberally and leave in for a day or two as the hair and scalp will need alot of nuturing at this level of being so dry.

alternate all 4 shampoos one each time.  Use our spray conditioners one each day for a reconstructive process to help with ones oil glands.

***UDPATE: There are now 5 MM Shampoos and 6 MM conditioners.***

brushing and scalp massaging also very helpful to get more air and blood into ones scalp.

Please read our educational literature for each product on our website this will be very helpful in continuing our Method.

and of course cut off the ends monthly even if you cut off only 1/4 " per month this will help stop the split ends and drying process and stimulate new growth.

Please keep me update on your progress.

Great Education and thanks for going Truly 100% Natural and Simply Pure for Luxurious Hair


Re: scalp problems

THANK YOU!!!  I looked at my Jason shampoo and conditioner and I was surprised to see how many ingredients were truly "not natural".  I guess I took it for granted because I bought the products at a health food store and never even looked at the ingredients.  I should be getting my MM products by the end of the week and I am so excited about getting started.  I will have to order the Euro oil.  I feel that I finally have a ray of hope for my hair.  I have printed out your instructions and placed them on my mirror.  I appreciate your response and will let you know how my hair progress is going.