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Hey Anthony...

Got some questions for ya...

Im ready to go. I just purchased the

Yippee.. Here are the questions.

The 4 shampoos- Just to be sure, I would use a diffrent one each day. Then just begin that cycle again after the 4 days?

Also since it summer I take 2 showers each day, usually the one at night I shampoo etc and the morning I just wash and get it wet but no shampoo, is this bad? Is it 2 drying?

The Euro Oil- Do you apply it on dry hair or damp hair? I have alot of hair, and applying it on dry hair seems like it would take so much of the oil?

I read diffrent things about the oil? To use it ever so often, or only once in awhile, If I use it a couple nights a week 'while sleeping', do I have to shampoo in the morning to get it out, or will just washing it in the shower get it out? Whats the protocol? LOL


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***UDPATE: There are now 5 MM Shampoos and 6 MM conditioners.***

Yes alternate one shampoo each time you shampoo so take one from the left row then put it back on the right side this will help you alternate one each time does not matter which one you start with.

Showering several times per day is good  but shampooing once per day is enough.

Euro Natural Oil after showering and towel drying apply a few drops to the ends of the hair but only a few drops not to get ones hair oily just enough to moisturize.
apply to dry hair once per week or bi monthly start by massaging it into ones scalp then more thru out the entire shaft of the hair all the way down to the ends.  You can brush it thru the hair this helps get it more uniform.
leave in all day and or overnight. 

Euro Oil is quite individual.  if ones hair is dry then once a week is quite sufficient.
to use as a moisturizer and conditioning agent twice a month is quite sufficient.
even once per month if ones hair is quite normal.
more during the summer warm months and less in the winter cooler months.

Generally ones hair will absorb most  or all of the oil by the next day.
to get it out first of all do not wet ones hair.
just put the shampoo into the scalp and massage.  then rinse
now the hair is wet
then shampoo the second time and voila it will be back to normal.

Great Education and Journey
and thanks for going truly Natural
You will be so happy soon.


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One thing I noticed, Probably becuz I am use to foaming shampoo's. I used the first shampoo last night, but I felt like the quarter size wasnt enuff, becuz when I put it on my short dry hair, I felt as if I didn't put enuff becuz of it NOT FOAMING! Isn't that strange, I'm so used to it foaming everywhere which made me think I got it everywhere, as in this, It's diff becuz  I felt like I had to work harder to get it in my hair, wondering, Did I do enuff? Even after 2 times... maybe you can ease my feeling? Is it really enuff? Just 2 small quarter sizes?

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Yes its enough
perhaps after several shampooing sessions you will start to see that your hair is clean without the FOAMING!

first time massage into the scalp rinse out
second time massage into the scalp then thru the hair then rinse.

One needs to clean the hair and scalp not strip away all of ones natural oils.

Perhaps read SHAMPOOING literature on our site

great Hair and Journey