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Purchased the four shampoos last week. This is a very good product but not suitable for me. I must have allergy to some ingredient because of stinging and itch after shampoo. Also very little lather with this shampoo which makes me feel the hair is not been cleansed but i do understand that high lather and sls based shampoos is not good. Anyway i will continue with this shampoos for another two weeks and hope the itch will calm down.

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Dear New to MM
first of all your reactions is quite common
you are going thru a detox process from your old hair care regime and any processes you may have done.
not to worry its all a good process with the itching and stinging and all!

Please reread our educational literature as it will help in the continuing weeks

Also our Zen Detox will help speed up the detox process

any foaming for any ingredients is SLS there are 38 different names for sls and they are in volume sizes.
for example from the local drug stores they are 1,000% sls and from beauty salons/supply they can range from 1,000 to 700% from there one goes to the so called health food stores and the sls will range anywhere from 500 down to 100%  this being on a scale from 1 to 10
MM has no foaming agents
all of our foaming ingredients are from Natural Botanical or Marine based plants.
thus cleansing ones hair 1,000%  but not stripping out any of your natural oils a vital part in hair growth and health.

the itch will calm down and then stop when your over the major detox cycle.

Its a good thing that the toxins are coming out now for certain.

Wishing you Great Health and Hair

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Thanks Anthony. I will continue for  a few weeks  longer and hope things settle down.