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Dear Anthony and/or other posters,

Since it seems like alot of you are knowlegable about natural health care, does anyone know what the holistic health community thinks of drinking coffee?  Most of the publications i come across say that more or less, one cup a day is fine, but that if anything the caffeine can be bad esp for those with a predisposition to hypertensoin and heart problems.

I tend to drink alot of coffee, although i have cut back to one cup per day, but i keep wondering if maybe i should stop altogether.

i don't have heart trouble and am in my early thirties, and lead a healthier lifestyle than probably a good chunk of the population.  But i wonder if caffiene and coffee is bad for your body in other ways?  Does it get you out of balance?
is the neuro-stimulation bad for your body/mind?

I get the feeling that most of the research done on the effects of different foods on our bodies centers around weather or not there is any effect on the heart, and i'll agree the heart is important, but it seems like the rest of the body is ignored alot of the time.

thanks for tolerating my odd question,
Kathy B.

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Funny you should ask such a question because I have been reading about this as well.  Coffee, aspartame, etc.
The book I am reading is called "The Tao of Eating".  I believe that is the correct title.  It is a great book and I don't have it with me because my husband took off with it to go to work, but I will get you the author as soon as he gets back.  It does go into what coffee does to your overall body.  You can go to also to get information on aspartame poisoning or other information that you are wanting to know. Hope this helps.

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I usually have one cup per day.  Some days I'm not even in the mood.  But when I do have coffee, I make sure it's organic and fair trade.  There's differing opinions out there in the health world in regards to coffee, it's hard to know who to trust.

If you feel you're drinking too much and are experiencing bad health for it, here's a coffee alternative that I have used to years and find it superior to any other coffee substitutes out there.  It's called Teeccino and here's the website - 

Loida nomicons/smile

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thanks, for your replys,

i actually went out and tried the mocha teechino the other day and it isn't that bad.

i think my big concern is that i feel like i am having some ADHD like moments.  i never used to be like that and it's only been in the past 3 or so  years that i began to drink coffee.  I didn't know if there was a connection.  i suppose it makes sence.

aspartame is another thing i've been trying to avoid, along with other artificail sweetners.  i just can't see how they can be safe for you, esp if you ijest them on a daily basis as many people do.

thanks for the input,

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Caffeine is a powerful ingredient that can be helpful in treating migraine pain, menstrual pain, low blood pressure, and other issues, if administered in a VERY particular way. I don't believe caffeine was intended to be ingested casually, as it is in our culture, promoting headaches, irritability, nervousness and the like. Even in Italy, cafe is done with ritual thoughtfulness.

Caffeine is the WORST thing if one suffers from OCD, such as Trichotillomania, PTSD, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and *certain types* of ADD or ADHD.

Always trust what your body is telling you. If it doesn't feel right, it isn't.

Blessings & Health!

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thanks, Jms,
that is helpful to know, i have just become so accustomed to coffee drinking, and with the starbucks and such that are so commonplace, you forget that something like too much caffiene may not be tolerated well by everyone.

I do have a very shy and nervous personallity by nature, so maybe i should not drink coffee on a regular basis.  it is strange how quickly you can become dependant on something, not just chemically  but psychologically you learn to believe  you need your relaxing cup of coffee before you can get on with life.

i'm also starting to fear anything with added sugar. for years i believe sugar to be the natual product of the sugar cane plant therefore making it safer than sugar substitutes, but recently i learned that it is actaully a highly processed food freak.  and the way the i crave it is like an alchoholic craves alchohol.  it can't be good for someone like me.

it really seems like whole foods are the way too go, so i'm trying to transform my diet into something simpler.

I wonder how different our society would be sometimes if it was normal for all of us to eat unprocessed foods all the time.


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For some sugar "substitutes", I suggest trying stevia, raw agave nectar or even honey if you don't have anything else.  ANY of them are much better for you, all natural/organic and way better than using any of the chemical substitutes on the market today (e.g., aspartame, splenda, equal, etc.).  I found through research that it is a multi-billion dollar market now, so companies are really pushing these on consumers - not that we didn't already know that!!  I use stevia - it's super cheap to make & is 300 times sweeter than sugar!  So don't use much of it!!  It's VERY sweet!  The FDA (& other so called "good for you" gov't agencies) definitely do not want it to become commonplace in the market.  One jar will pretty much last you at least a year!!  Of course, that's not good for a huge profitable market!  Once I started using it instead of splenda, I had lots of good changes in my body.  I found that I was much less jittery & I stopped having any headaches or circulation issues (particularly numbness, in my arms & legs).

Here is the site I order it from...I have the spoonable stevia that's in a jar.


PC11 nomicons/cool

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Thanks kathy b, and your instincts are right on, your body doesn't lie. Processed sugar, very bad. Addictive-- you bet!

There are two interesting books you might like, "Sugar Blues," a history of sugar and the sugar industry, and John Robbins "Diet For a New America."

Speaking of sugar, addiction and alcohol, guess what alcohol is? nomicons/smile That's why so many alcoholics suffer liver diseases. Worst thing for the liver, too much sugar. Our bodies simply cannot process it. Ironically, all functions of the human body are linked unmitigatedly to the liver (see the work of medieval abbess Hildegard von Bingen-- who was in fact rumored to have healing hair!), so you can see the value in staying with healthy sugars like fresh, organic fruits and juices.

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Just a quick note:  Aspartame has been linked to hair loss and hair thinning as well as too a multitude of symptoms.  Just thought all of you might want to know.

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Actually, ALL of the sugar substitutes on the market today have been linked to many different ailments!!!  (You just won't hear about it in the mass media, of course!)  They are nothing more than CHEMICALS!!!

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Thanks dixieland nomicons/smile How do you like 'The Tao of Eating'? I read a book years ago called 'The Sufi Book of Healing', which also had a lot of interesting things to say about food prep and nutrition. I might like to pick up the one you're reading...

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Here's a great coffee/tea substitute  its called Teechino - you can make it the same way as regular coffee, espresso or tea
  its got a great flavour and it supports the endrocrine system and its caffeine free....

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i have tried teechino, i especially like it brewed with some chai thrown in too.  and then some foamed mild or silk.  yummy.