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Hi I'm new to MM product line. I still trying to get use to it not sudsing like the shampoos i've used in the past.  it's a whole new experience to me.  I really like that your products are sls-free.  But I need some help or guidance....I've been using the 5 elements products for three days (day 1-sea, day 2-fire, and day3-earth ) - i've been rotating the shampoos - but i find that my hair feels quite sticky and has an oilier feel to it.  it doesn't look clean and shiny...i use nickle-size amount of shampoo the first wash and quarter-size amount of shampoo for the second wash and really rinsed it out really good.  am I doing something wrong?  house water is soft via water softener.  tried it with hard water too (put water softener to by-pass mode) and still same result....any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

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add some water into the shampoo bottles and shake it until the shampoos are more creamy. I find it much easier to lather into my hair starting from the hair line into the middle of the heads. I use the palm of my hand and circular motion and it works well.  After, my entire hair is clean, oil free and non sticky.

Re: my hair feels sticky....

Sancho89...thanks for the suggestions.  I'll give it a try!  thanks.

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1st - it sounds like you're detoxing (since u said you're new to the MM line)....My hair was very sticky/oily/dry all at the same time while I was detoxing!  So give that a couple of weeks & you should be fine.  The Zen Detox works great anyway, but definitely during the detox phase.

When I shampoo, I do the quarter size FIRST, then the nickel-to-quarter size SECOND.  You'll get used to it not sudsing eventually.  However, what I do to make sure it's evenly distributed is first rub the sized amount all over both my hands, then apply it in different spots all over my head to make sure it gets everywhere.  I have longer hair (past shoulder length), so for the 1st shampoo, I focus mainly on the roots all over my head w/just a little bit (the remainder) going to the longer hair.  Make sure to massage your scalp (I use my fingertips) for a couple of minutes with both shampoos, but particularly the 1st.  That makes a HUGE difference!  On the second, I go all over my head w/the shampoo.  On both shampoos, I turn my head to each side & kinda rub my hair between both my hands from top to bottom (like you're twirling a pencil in between both your hands).  That way I know it's really getting into each hair.

P.S. You won't need to dilute the shampoos if u do what I suggested above.  I have very oily hair & after each shampoo, my hair looks great & is not oily at all!  I've never diluted them.  The key is to make sure the shampoo goes all over & to really massage your roots.  And again, until you're finished detoxing, your hair will be gross but it will soon subside!!! nomicons/smile

Hope this helps!

PC11 nomicons/cool

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Thanks pilateschick11 for your suggestions!  Today, I followed Sancho89's suggestions and noticed that my bangs definitely feels cleaner than the first 3 days.  but the rest of my hair still feels oily and sticky.  Tomorrow, I will follow your suggestions and maybe the rest of my hair will start to feel and look cleaner.  My hair is also past my shoulders butit is usually more on the dry side than oily but by the end of the day it has that "I need to be washed" look.  My hair is between wavy and frizzy.  How long will the detox take? do i need to use the zen detox too?  first day i used the chi condition but when i saw how sticky and oily my hair felt, i cut out the conditioner altogether.  how often should i use the chi conditioner?  Thanks again!!

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Dear New Detox 89

first of all your hair and scalp needs to be reconstructed back to its normal and regular growing cycles
the detox
can take anywhere from 3 to 21 days or longer depending on the past history.
definately do the Zen Detox weekly for at least three weeks then once per month for 3 months.

Your hair sounds like it needs alot of tlc for certain.
are you blunt snipping off the split ends?  this needs to be done monthly even if only 1/4" each time.

Yes stop the chi inst hair cond.  until your hair is back to normal.
then use it once per week leaving it in for 3 to 5 minutes then rinse out after shampooing.

and Congratulations on taking the first step toward Simply Pure and Truly Natual hair care.
its a great Journey and an education at each step of the way.

Great Health, Happiness and Luxurious Hair


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Hii Anthony!  Thanks for emailing me.  I'm looking forward to the day when my hair and scalp will be healthy.  I haven't used the zen detox as yet because i thought it would be too many things happening at the same time.   
Ok, following all the helpful tips from Sancho89 and Pilateschick11, i noticed that my hair today is not as oily or as sticky compared to the first 2 or 3 days.  I think we are making some progress!!  I usually blunt snip my bangs but will now try to do the same for my entire head.  I use a boars bristle hairbrush and noticed quite a bit of gunk on the brush.  I washed it out using the mm shampoo and brushed my hair again and the amount of gunk was less.  is this part or a sign of the detox too?  Thanks again for your input and for sharing your experience.

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Yes this is classic detox progress

Gunk on the hair follicles, scalp and the brush is a sign that the residue build ups are starting to come out a very good thing.
One does not want these toxic build ups to remain in our scalp as they settle into our organs not a good thing!

So continue to alternate all 4 shampoos and do the detox weekly this will be a excellent way to get rid of this build up and get your hair, scalp and growing systems back to normal.
***UDPATE: Morrocco Method now has 5 shampoos.***

Thanks for going Truly Natural and Journeying toward the Wellness/Health of Ones Life:


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looks like your progress is pretty good.  My detox period wasnt really that long.  I didnt even remember it, probably due to the unpleasant experiance. but very soon after my hair was really clean. Ironic that the detox period was fast because I started using gels and hairspray in the fifth grade for about a decade.  I figured it wouldve taken longer.  I've been on MM for almost 2 months now and I notice little hairs growing out in spots where i've lost hair.
The zen detox is great, I've actually used it on my face and it helped with my oily face. 

Anthony, if blunt snip cut means cutting the ends off, isnt that like any other hair cut?(minus the razor cuttin).
Can i lift parts of my hair up cut it a certain length, and do the same for the rest of my hair while keeping them the same length?  I've searched the forum but didnt quite find any in depth detail on blunt snip cut.

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Blunt snip haircutting is done by a Master Haircutter (and there are not many anywhere)
but simply put

to take the ends of the hair and cut off the ends with a scissors (nver razor)  wet hair always.

all the hair is brushed down then cut off the ends at the bottom
there is no lifting up anything nor cutting in sections
this would be layering and that is exactly what blunt snip cutting is not.

its not a easy explanation as it is done by a Master and again to do it oneself just do the prescribed.

Even Many hairdressers do not know of nor ever heard of "blunt snip cut" because they are used to doing commercial styling and trendy shapings only which usually always ruins one hair.

On a Positive note sounds like you are way over the detox and enjoying Luxurious and Healthy Hair & Scalp

Great Journey


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Hi.  Today is the BEST day so far!!  my hair is like "WOW!"  It's got shine and it looks clean and healthy and there was very very very minimal feel of stickiness.  and my hair also got movement too.  I am soooooooo thrilled!!!  (i'm grinning ear to ear!)  and it's all thanks to all of your help and suggestions and to a wonderful product!  today i also use a tiny tiny tiny amount of the gel on the ends of my hair.  is that okay or should i wait until i done with the detox stage?  and when I brushed my hair, still got gunk on the bristles but not as much as the day before. 

Since I starting using your product line, i look forward to shampooing my hair to see what will happen. 
and i really appreciate the support and encouragement from you guys. It really helped me not to give up.
I have a little thinning by my temple area...i'm hoping i will see some new growth and also less fallout. 

Thank you also for the instructions on the blunt cut.  I use a scissor when i cut the ends with wet hair.  now does it also matter if the hair is dry?  i think it would be messier when hair is dry because then the hair would be flying all over the place.  but is it bad thing to do to cut hair when it is dry? 

also recently ordered the zen detox and a massage brush...can't wait for the order to arrive!!

Re: my hair feels sticky....

It is bad to cut dry because the hair will slip through the scissors