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Topic: Questions....

Hi Anthony,
I just want to note what a patient being you are to answer
all of our questions, especially since over time you must
get much of the same questions over and over.
So thank you!!

Here are a few more....

1. You noted that blow-drying ones hair at a salon should
be avoided. Are you saying we should never even blow-
dry our own hair at home? Even once our hair gets back to normal?

2. Is it ok to do a rinse of pure organic aloe vera juice ?
I find it to be quite cooling and have read elsewhere that it is good for the scalp.


Re: Questions....

Dear Coco

Blow dry at your own risk!
using a blow dryer at home on low or cool is quite OK

MM suggests towel drying twice]
once with the first towel
then brush
2nd time with another towel and air brush again

if this is not effective then use a blow dryer on cool or warm.

Ones hair is like a leaf on a plant it does not want to be hot aired dry

PURE ORGANIC ALOE VERA JUICE is quite safe and very organic use in good health

and thanks for the time comment.
After 40 years this is my shared experiences with all of you who wish to continue the Journey toward Wellness and Health and especially