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I have been using MM shampoos for several years and have completely stayed away
from using any products other than MM.  My hair is very fine, straight,
and shoulder length.  I would like to use Euro oil on a weekly basis but I've had
great difficulties when I have used it.  I use it at night -- applying it to my scalp
and to the rest of my hair.  The next morning, after shampooing three times (using
A LOT of Earth shampoo), my hair is still extremely oily.  It take about three days,
shampooing each day, for my hair to not look greasy.

Any suggestions would be very appreciated.  My hair really needs a good
conditioning since I live in a dry climate.


Re: Euro Oil

First of all after showering
use a few drops (very few drops) and massage them into the ends of  your hair
then towel dry and brush  your hair should not beel oily (if yes then you are using too much)
you can do this daily

when you have more then one day like your going to be home for the weekend or just hanging around for the weekend and can use a hat when going out (no big deal )  then massage the Euro Natural Oil into the hair and scalp liberally.
Then you can leave it in for 2 or more days this is quite sufficient.

does not have to be done on a weekly basis only when you have the luxury of time.

and when you shampoo do NOT WET YOUR HAIR
get into the shower apply shampoo massage then rinse.
now your hair is wet massage again


hope this makes it all the more pleasurable and comfortable to use.

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Re: Euro Oil

Thanks for the quick response Anthony!  I will try your suggestions.  By the way, I truly
appreciate your products.  They have dramatically reduced my hair loss.  Thank you!