Topic: bangs, fringe, or face framing

Hi Anthony,

I've read in posts that you never recommend bangs.  I don't have any right now, but I'm really considering a style change.  I have a really large forehead and a long, skinny face.  I'd like to have something to soften up my face, whether it is bangs or some wisps or something to go around my face, especially when I'm wearing my hair up or back.

Why do you not recommend bangs?  I understand staying away from layers, but not necessarily having just one length.  I feel like I'll like too stark if I do that.   What do you recommend for people with really high foreheads?  I think bangs are way cheaper than botox!


Re: bangs, fringe, or face framing

Dear Bella

first of all your growth patterns are all in your hairline

like the shoreline to the ocean and land

if you cut bangs all goes the waves

you can have one length and then push the top down over the forehead its a better effect actually
but if you dont have a great hairdresser they dont understand classic styles.

bangs are a NO NO ever
what else can I say

classic styles last forever