Topic: Anthony, can Euro Oil be used as after shave EVERYDAY? ALSO...........

Can it be used as aftershave? Is it unsafe to apply it to a dry scalp more than ONCE a week? Exactly, how much oil should we put on the scalp? Also, seeing as how the success rate of men is slightly less than women with your product, what specific tips can you give to guys on the Method for regrowth besides rotating between the 4 shampoos, brushing, massaging, and applying oil? I took Saw Palmetto for a while before starting the Method, but I don't think it made a difference.. Please, any type of pointers...

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Re: Anthony, can Euro Oil be used as after shave EVERYDAY? ALSO...........

YES I use Euro Natural Oil for after shave every day its very moisturizing and I use it liberally.

I use a few drops daily massaged into the hair and scalp so its not oily but just enough to be moisturizing.

more tips for helping with hair growth.

First of all we reconstruct a new scalp to help grow new hair.

Zen Detox is very helpful done weekly at first then bi monthly then monthly.  its very rejuvenative.

Also the LUNAR HAIRCUTTING DATES:  alternate once per 4 to 6 weeks with Strengthening, Root Work and Strengthening.

A Shower filter is also quite helpful

and above all not using any chemical products for bodyd or hair care and scent.

Exercise, breathing, non stress activities, meditation, yoga, walks and the more natural diet the better.
Hair, Skin and nails are pure protein so watch what one eats and the rawer the better.

Great Health, Education, Happiness and Success in all that one does

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