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Dear Jms,

i managed to find some horse tail herb in the bulk section at wild oats, which was nice because i didn't have to wait for it to be shipped to me.

i rather like it as a tea, it's a very light clear tea, and it has no bitterness to it.  I even like it after it gets cold.

i have a question though as far as herbal teas.  A while back, before I found MM, I purchased some dried hibiscus flowers with the intent of heating them in coconut oil and using that as a hair treatment.  I believe it was a traditional Indian remedy I had came across.
Do you know if hibiscus flowers can be used as a tea, or any other uses for them?

any insight would be appreciated,


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Hi kathyb!

Hibiscus is a wonderful, refreshing tea. Here's a link with some helpful information:

Happiness, Health & Beautiful Hair,

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thanks for the article JMS.
I also looked up that Riquette Hofstiens website.  It seems like she wants you to attend semenars and stuff to get her secrets.  From what i could gather, do you know if she mainly stresses nutrition and stress as causes? 
When you said "root specialist" i though you meant as in root vegitables.  but after letting it sink in did you mean as in hair roots? 
if so, does she only opperate out of california?  i live quite a ways from there. 
i would love to know the precise reason my hair is thinning!  then i would know either what to do, or if it is just futile to try to do anything.
have you had a root analysis done by her?

thanks for all your positive advise and encouragement.

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Riquette says primary cause of hair loss is excess oil, which can result from stress, poor diet, etc. Also, damage to follicle. Yes, Riquette is a specialist in hair including root. She is based in Los Angeles, with clients worldwide. I have had root analysis, which was extremely helpful and necessary for me, post-trauma. My roots and follicles were quite damaged. You can purchase her books, which contain a lot of info. I like 'Grow Hair and Stop Hair Loss'. Never went to her seminars, though I'm sure they're excellent and informative.

Thanks Kathyb, keep up your hair health! *JMS

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this might sound funny, but can i mail my hair sample in? or do i have to go in person. 
you live in california, don't you?  i thought you mentioned  where you lived in one of the posts once.


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hi jml,
When you got your roots checked, how much does it cost?  I'm pretty sure I have hereditary thinning, as my grandmother had thinning hair.. I'm 49 and sometimes feel that it's too late for me to regrow hair.. but I at least would like to keep the ones I have!!!   You're very informative and helpful  thanks..

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Hi kathyb!

I do live in CA, I believe you can mail in. Best thing to do is to call Riquette for info and quote. If the price turns out to be not in your range, shoot me an email. nomicons/smile

Hello connie!

Thx for yr kindness! Same as kathyb, give Riquette a jingle, let me know if the price isn't in your range.

My best wishes to you both and your hair health,

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i was just curious...

talking about Riquette... have you tried her products? And if not, then why? And if, then what was your experience? :-)

Happy hair & health,

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Hi MacKey,

I have tried her products. Unfortunately, her shampoos contain SLS. I like her treatments. And she is a very caring healer. I also like her books and supplements.

Blessings and Growth!

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hi JMS,

I got the quote from Riquette.  I don't know if i will use any of her products, since i am using MM and i like them, but i thought the nutritional information you get for the higher price might be useful.

It is pricey, but i suppose if she is accurate, it would be worth it to me.  How did your experience with the root analysis go?  was the feed back you got useful, or is it something you already pretty much were doing?  Did you feel it was worth the expence?  Did she reccomend any dietary and/or lifestyle changes?

They said she is very intuitive and can tell by the look and feel of the hair, what it needs.  Do you know someplace that does something similar for less $?  I guess i'm hesitant to do it because i don't know much about the company.
the thing i don't understand is why they have SLS in thier products if they want to be holistic and natural?  the lady i spoke with seemed very compassionate, she said everyone that works there had experienced hair loss, and she did not pressure me to order after i said i would have to think it over.  they want you to pay up front though, and i wasn't prepared to shell out that much $.

i did order the book you reccomended, haven't gotten it yet, but i eagerly check my mail each day for it's arrival!

well, take care,
i hope all is going well for you,

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Hi Kathyb!

Riquette is great, I trust her. Her people are great too. They will be honest with you about your requirements, but of course you will want to apply your own intuition, too. After all, it is your hair, your health, your process! Yes she is a true healer very intuitive. My root analysis was completely necessary and helpful, but individual circumstances, my hair had been attacked. The feedback was excellent, some things I'd known, some I hadn't. I would say that the most important thing with the root treatments was the support. I think I needed that more than anything. Hair has a maternal quality and, if damaged, lost and/or violated, one can feel extremely vulnerable. Some of your questions on dietary/lifestyle will be answered in the book you ordered. Since I was already holistic and a Master Herbalist, dancer and vegetarian, some things were already in place. But we can always learn from each other, yes? The power is in the exchange nomicons/smile

Thank you for your kindness, some days are better than others. I feel things deepest through my hair, so I live with chronic pain for the time being... but am healing, slowly, surely as the seasons turn...

Blessings and Joyful Hair,