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Being two months since I started, I thought it was worth sharing with people my experience. My regimen consists of the four shampoos, Chi conditioner, daily scalp massaging, and almost daily brushing. Also, I apply the Euro oil every couple days, or once a week at the very least. Since being on the Method, my hair has definitely gotten healthier and grows longer. I feel as if it has kept the hair I had in the beginning and has stopped any noticeable hair loss from happening. No regrowth has occurred since being on the products, which is perfectly normal according to Anthony's theory of our hair hibernating during the Winter. I'm completely satisfied with the products, but I can't help but think everyday how much regrowth, or if any at all will happen come Spring and Summer time. I know I'm not the only one here thinking about March 20th. I encourage all of you to share your experiences, regardless how long you have been on the Method, especially the few men here.

To health and happiness..... And of course.... A full head of hair!

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Thank you very much. I got my set yesterday so I

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Daniel, how did Rogaine and Propecia work for you in terms of regrowth? How long were you on them? Did you take them at the same time? Feel any side effects from either? Also, did you quit taking them to turn to the Method, or are you doing them all together?

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Hey Curious Guy,

those both things have an effect, but a small one I would say and to apply regaine everyday is utterly exhausting. By the way someone told me that it has almost a placebo effect.
Then I found out all about this methode and it makes just so much sense that I orderd the whole set. I will continue with propecia but it would be great if it takes results with mm so I could also give up taking pills every-day. Ah, I hadn

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Thanks for posting your progress, fellow health-seekers...

I have been on MM for 5 months now, staring in October.  My regime is rotating the 4 shampoos, but I have an extremely oily scalp so at this point I don't do either the Chi conditioner or the Euro oil yet.  I am doing a weekly Zen detox until my scalp completely stabilizes, which it has improved in oiliness but not all the way yet.  I came off of a chemical-based treatment system too but saw very little results, weak, peach-fuzz growth that fell out when I stopped, i.e. it was not healthy, strong hair growth. 
When I first started MM, I started shedding A LOT, but as Anthony says, I kept exclusively using MM products, and scalp massassing and religious daily hair brushing.  Now the shedding has ceased, except for what is normal daily.  It took a while, but my hair is now very healthy looking, it seems stronger, and it has a more coarse texture instead of so fine.  What was for a long time dull and lifeless looking, almost greyish-brown (I'm only in my late 20's), is now healthy, shiny and  dark rich brown hair.  However, like you, Curiousguy, I have not seen any new spring growth yet...but I am faithfully expecting for the spring, and I must confess I also think on it often, an every day expectency.  Diet from my perspective is a crucial element...I eat all organic and don't do white flour either.  I have made a real attempt to increase my vegetables and greens intake, but I'm not vegetarian, I do eat animal protein and some cheese.  So basically, like everyone else, I am really anxious for the spring growth cycles to begin.

I honestly believe it is our God-given right to be healthy...completely healthy, and healthy hair is not just vanity, it is a representation of internal health that we all have a right to claim. 


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I honestly believe it is our God-given right to be healthy...completely healthy, and healthy hair is not just vanity, it is a representation of internal health that we all have a right to claim. 

Beautifully said, KalofKrypton, l'hai detto, bello...

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Great Posts Men

This haircutting is for Men Only!
Women do NOT DO THIS

ciao Bello
its great to have some male/God energy on the site and bringing in our concerns and pain/desires to have a healthy thick head of male/mane/locks

Personally I have the same truama as most of you all do.  This method is homework and a positive belief system with alot of throwing out the past truamas and in with the new ideas/education/vision/results.
Every spring I shear my hair the shortest possible I dare go for the spring shearing as its the ultimate haircut of the whole year.  Thee most energy with all of the new spring energies to aid in the regrowth.

cut off as much as one dare cut starting with all the hair one inch above the ears to the crown and hairline.
One  needs to cut ones hair on top  as short as possible/bearable to allow the new energies to go into the new hairs and not into the old length of hair.

one inch and below the ear tips one can have hair as long as one desires but not above for spring and summer.
So there will be a post for the ultimate date for haircutting on the haircutting date for spring equinox AND ITS NOT THE DATE OF THE SPRING EQUINOX as the hair chart is charted for hair only and different then general astrology!


MARCH 25 or the 26 very good to excellent
April 4th and 5th Excellent to the ultimate days to cut ones hair for spring and the best for the entire year!
These days are the ultimate hair cutting dates for 2007 spring equinox lunar haircutting dates.
Personally I will cut my hair short on March 25th and then on April 4th I will cut my hair even shorter for an xtra shock to the roots and growing cycles.
but one can cut one any one of these 4 days but again AS SHORT AS POSSIBLE/BEARABLE and if one chooses to shave ones head then do it as a ceremony for a great bumper crop!

On these  dates and on certain ceremonies (when I was 40 and on my fiftieth birthdays I shaved my head) but this is not necessary as a  crewcut will do nicely or again as short as one can cut the top of ones head will be quite sufficient!

this is for Men only!

Women can cut their hair on the ends during these dates and it will be quite shocking enough for alot of energy to enter into the roots/oil glands/growth cycles and new hair follicles:

Please post any concerns or ?'s on this information before these dates.

Wishing you all Great Health and a spring bumper crop of hair.


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>>alot of throwing out the past truamas and in with the new ideas/education/vision/results.

Oh yes! Grazie, Maestro! I will be working on this for Lent...

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Thank you Anthony, very much for that.  I intend to take every single step in reclaiming my health, and any and all information that you post is greatly appreciated, by everyone I'm sure.

I have a question regarding the upcoming spring growth season...when cutting one's hair that short, even a shaved head, in regard to sun exposure, should one keep one's head covered when out in the sunshine for brief periods of time (15-20 minutes at a time)?  I live in the American southwest, and sun protection is a given if outside for long periods, but I was curious if brief sunshine exposure might help or hinder the new growth?


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Thanks for the great info Anthony.
I've been using the mm for a few months now, I really like how the zen detox makes the scalp much less oily. My scalp looks healthier and my hair too.  As expected there isnt much regrowth yet.  On the right side of the front hairline there is a very small amount of hair growing. But on the left hairline there is more growth, about an half an inch long compared to before I started when there was no hair there at all. Cant wait until the spring equinox!

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Dear Kal

Good ? on the sun and exposing ones scalp.  We become forgetful during the winter months with the strength of the sun.  But come Spring Summer the SUN will be very strong and can do ALOT OF DAMAGE to ones scalp and new baby hairs especially!

suggest keeping the scalp covered with a cap or head scarf (but never sun block its too chemcial based) for any times over 5 minutes in the sun.
Especially in the spring and summer months when the sun is the strongest.
in the winter and late fall its ok to get more sun.

but I have seen new hair burn right off of ones scalp in the late spring and early summer months by clients who did not keep their heads covered.

New baby hairs are very fragile and any sun burning on the scalp will burn the new hairs to a cinder and its quite devestating as the scalp also gets sunburnt damaged
then the whole process of regrowing hair has to start all over again but this time one is even more challenged as the scalp needs to heal and get back to normal from the sunburn.

best to keep ones head covered when in the direct sun for more then 5 to 7 minutes
this is a excellent ? as I have had way too many clients loose alot of new growth by simply not covering up their scalps in the spring time.

SO YES better safe and covered
then forgetful and damaging ones scalp!

Looking forward to all of our new growth processes and thicker hair come spring

Great Health/eat well/be well/Happiness/Hair

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Dear Sancho

thanks for the post and update
YES hair grows very uneven for most people
the left can be thinner and less then
and the right can be wavier or thicker, longer  then

And keep up the good work
come spring all of  your daily routine will show great hair growth.

Great Journey and Health/Hair

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Just wanted to contribute to this post in updates!

I have been using the products religiously for 3 months without fail. 4 times a day brushing and massaging! I love it!

When i started my hairline was receding and thinning up front. I am in my early 20's (male) so it is not the best scenario as you can imagine!!! It was due to colouring and gels/styling products of my childhood! My hair was about 20% coverage GREY!!! I have normally, dark brown hair.

We i am so blessed to be so young and to have discovered this! ALL my grey has disappeared, the pigment has returned to all hair, the colour is so rich like chocolate! I am so happy! It feels thicker. I see abit of fuzz on my temples growing slightly and short hairs scattered along my hairline. This is so encouraging! I am excited to as i have the winter to prepare my scalp and hair for this awesome upcoming Spring 09! I feel these are all baby hairs that are going to mature over the coming months! Shedding occurs, and happens still plenty but it comes in waves, slowing down from time to time. I feel it getting less. As they say, out with the old, in with the new!

Diet, i feel is important. I drink alot of high quality alkaline water and also drink a powerful green drink from pH Miracle!

I'll update again in the coming months!

I wish you all the best and it is possible!!! Keep going guys!