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Hi there everyone & Anthony,

i was just wonderding if anyone in here have tried spirulina &/or chlorella? Also what do you think about using these diatary supplements? Is it any good or just a waste of money? i don't eat any dairy or much meat either, so i did some research & found that spirulina & chlorella was good sources for protein.

i'd very much appreciate anyone's input on this :-) Thank you!

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Haven't done much chlorella, but love spirulina. Nutritious, cleansing and an immuno-booster. Very high in protein, yes! Plus beta-carotene and B12. Great stuff! Frontier sells it organic, nomicons/smile

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Thank you very much for your post. You always come up with informative & helpful posts. i am sorry i haven't gotten back earlier, i've been down with the flu big time.

How much spirulina do you take a day? i have for a short time now been taking a table spoon full a day, however everytime i take it i get very bloated & quite nauseaous. i'm thinking perhaps i'm introducing too much too fast.

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Ciao MacKey!

Hope you are feeling much better. Oh yes, there has been a nasty one going around. We will pray this flu flies away nomicons/smile

Thank you for your kind words. This is a great community!

Your body's intuition is accurate! Spirulina is powerful, rich in amino acids, and, especially if your system is sensitive, this can be very overwhelming! A tbsp/day may be too much. A max. of 1000-1500 mg is plenty!

My favorites, of all the many ways I've used spirulina, are (1) one teaspoon organic spirulina in fruit smoothie, like organic strawberry and banana, in the a.m., 3x per week; (2) Source of Life in fruit smoothie, a.m., 2x per week; or (3) Evolution Super Green, or Odwalla or Naked Superfood juices, 1/2 of a 16 oz. bottle does the trick, 2x per week.

You might also try Acai, like in Sambazon juices. Acai contains vital protein and amino acids, and the folks at Sambazon have a great "green" philosophy...

Blessings, Health & Happy Hair to You! And, like Jerzy Kosinski writes in 'Being There,' "There will be growth in the spring!"  nomicons/grin JMS