Topic: Face Brushing

I was reading about dry skin brushing for the body recently and it said that it's good to use a much softer brush to do this for your face. 

I'm not sure, but I think I saw here once that the blonde boar bristle brush was suitable for this? Is that right? 


Re: Face Brushing

No hair brush is suitable for face scrubbing.
MM nor anyone else's.
There are special brushes for facial exfolliation and scrubbing/massage.
Not knowing myself perhaps oneone else reading this post can be of help.
But certainly anything one uses on ones face needs to be very gentle and soft.
Hope this helps and you get some more info on this one..

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Re: Face Brushing

Oh, ok.  I wasn't sure how soft that brush was.  Well, I'll do some research and post any findings.