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Hello, I've been using MM for about a month now. I was having problems with build up in my hair until I read another post on here....turns out I was using waaaay too much shampoo, so I followed the advice from that post, and diluted my shampoos. I noticed less build up after diluting the shampoo, but I was also having a hard time getting all of my hair clean. I thought I was shampooing all of my hair, but I'd end up with oily patches of hair, where I'd "missed a spot". A few days ago, out of frustration, I added a tiny bit of Dr. Bronner's liqid soap to the MM shampoo that was in my hand. (I haven't added it to the bottle) It added a little bit of foam, and helped to distribute the shampoo more evenly over all of my hair. This helped tremendously, and I've been using it ever since. I still shampoo twice, the first time with just MM but the second time I add a little of the liquid soap. I was wondering if adding the liquid soap will affect the way the MM shampoos work?

Re: build up

anything that foams is sls
there are 38 different names to sls
we do NOT suggest using anything else with MM
try diluting the shampoo with water
this will help get thru all of your hair.

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