Topic: bangs

Dear anthony,

during my last hair cut i had my stylist leave bangs.  with the short cuts i have had recently, the bangs have been short anyway, but I wanted to try growing it maybe shoulder length or so in the back and leave the bangs shorter, about eyebrow lenght.

But i think i might try growing it all out to one length in the back so i could cut it myself or have a friend do it, just blunt snip the ends.

But also i would leave the bangs  about eyebrow length, just to hide where it is thinnest.  That way i could also trim them myself as well.

are bangs really all that bad?

even if i blunt cut them too?


just a suggestion, it think it would be nice to have pictures of regular people who's hair you have cut, that way we could get ideas based on someone who had hair similar to ours in terms of thickness and texture,etc.  I think it would be encouraging to see how our hair possibley could look.

Re: bangs

Personally I never cut bangs as I grow all the front out so the overall appearance of ones hair is THICKER
cutting bangs will take away alot of waves in ones hair
its easier to style with all one length but BLUNT SNIP all the ends when wet and with haircutting scissors.

yes I agree I will try and get the before and after pictures on the site
and perhaps anyone out there will volunteer to send before and after  pics so we can put them on the site

Great Splendido and one can see viva la difference