Topic: upadate for Anthony about not liking the chi conditioner.

Just wanted to say that thus far I have NOT liked the effects the chi conditioner seems to have on my hair. Yesterday, however, I used the chi as a shampoo rather than conditioner and my hair was beautiful!

I would love to incorporate the chi as part of my shampoo regimine but wonder if that is ok to do? I will continue to use it periodically as the conditioner it was intended to be, but can I just use it occasionally instead of the other 4 shampoos? And if so, what would I use to follow it up with? Yesterday, I only shampooed with it and rinsed, nothing else.

Thanks so much for making such wonderful products. I think even after only 3 weeks of using MM, you just may have a customer for life.

Re: upadate for Anthony about not liking the chi conditioner.

experimentation for the individual is the best
I personally use the chi as a conditioner once per week and it works wonders
leaving it in for 5 to 10 minutes in between each massage

yes alternate the 4 shampoos and the chi also as one of the alternates so you have 5 flavors
***UPDATE: Morrocco Method now has 5 shampoos.***

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