Re: Anthony, would u please tell me if u approve of these ingredients?

Actually, you did say that there were (at least) 2 types of PABA & Padimate O - with the naturally occurring ones being the ingredients Aubrey uses & are thus safe (& the chemical compounds not being so).

From your post:
>"This is incorrect. Para-aminobenzoic acid in an organic, i.e., carbon-based, chemical compound form, or in synthetic, i.e., chemically synthesized or manufactured, form, may cause such mutations. PABA derived from foods containing Vitamin B is "natural," i.e., found in nature, and does not. This naturally occurring, food-based water-soluble PABA derived from Vitamin B used by Aubrey has no evidence of causing DNA mutations in the same way that naturally occurring PABA found in mushrooms, spinach, whole grains and other foods pose no such threat."

>"The naturally occuring or natural Padimate O derived from Ester-C, also known as PABA Ester, and used by Aubrey Organics is also distinguishable from the organic chemical compound Padimate O, which is derived from condensation of 2-ethylhexanol and 4-dimethylaminobenzoic acid, as well as synthetic Padimate O, which may cause allergies, DNA damage and the sorts of problems that you refer to generally here."

Yes, I do feel that if someone posts something contrary to what someone previously stated, they SHOULD back it up with research. Some people are easily swayed into using products because "someone said they're safe." By the way, I did ask you nicely when I wrote: "So if you're going to "correct" any of my information, please give us all links to outside research." By that, I meant you need to give specific links (that relate to the topic at hand) so that we can research the topics for ourselves, not generic ideas as to where to look. I thought it was pretty self explanatory.

...Finally, I don't know why you would be "stunned" to read my posts about BC pills. You have no idea what I went through, so you are certainly in no place to pass judgment, but I will give you a little taste. I started my period at 9 years old and was bed ridden for 7-9 days at a time (& that's IF my cycle was actually regular - very rare!) from extreme cramping and loss of blood. Sometimes I went for 2 STRAIGHT months, then would skip 3-6 months! Also, I had to go to the gynecologist every 3 months for many years, as I was always having precancerous cells removed. Needless to say, it grossly interfered with my ability to function daily, and at that time in the world, there wasn't an internet or even alternative health outlets for you to have options. So it was either get on BC pills to regulate & cut down on the size of my cycle or suffer. I don't think it would be a tough decision for anyone.

And I'm outta here. This post has already used up way too much of my energy for no conclusion to ever be reached. Off to Europa I go!!!


Re: Anthony, would u please tell me if u approve of these ingredients?

Dear pilateschick11,

My statements identify three sources, i.e., organic, natural and synthetic. They do not refer to two types of PABA of Padimate O. The distinctions as to their properties, i.e., carbon-based, found in nature, manufactured, are appropriate to the fields of chemistry and herbology and do not contradict other research. They are a priori and thus serve as the basis to draw accurate conclusions contrary to your previous claims.

Despite the acerbic tone of your posts, I've presented a sound and valid argument, i.e., true premises from which the conclusion follows, and have supplied online references and suggestions for further research. I've done so, sans ad hominem and in absence of gratitude. My comment regarding your use of birth control pills was not intended to be judgmental as to your choice of health care. In lieu of your posts to this topic, however, I found it very surprising. You seem adamant, at times even haughty, in your attitudes to oppose cancer-causing substances and in support of safe, holistic treatments and products. The information you supplied was inaccurate. You further maintain and defend allopathic treatments that may be cancer causing, and are linked to heart disease, psychological disorders and a host of other ailments. For nearly two decades, I've aided myself and others in the treatment of many and various health issues, including the ones you describe, as well as life-threatening diseases, all holistically. These treatments have existed for centuries. I do not judge the manner in which you treat your condition. I do, however, find your present attitudes and tone somewhat hypocritical and sanctimonious in light of these decisions. It is to my surprise, and my disappointment.

Good Health and Best Wishes,