Topic: ACV to be refrigerated?

Does anyone know that if for best use ACV needs to be refrigerated? I know it stays outside the fridge but wasn't sure if it would affect its quality as time goes by.  Thanks.
PS: in case anyone is interested,Wise Ways carries rinses for hair which combines ACV and other herbs (which I try to make at home when time permits but this is a lot easier and fitting into fast life styles).  I just discovered it and haven't used any so far. If anyone has any experience with that, would love to hear before ordering.

Re: ACV to be refrigerated?

i have always kept my in the fridge.  it doesn't say to on the bottle, but i must have read it somewhere.
i think most oils and vinegars break down over time, and the acv i use has no preservatives.
if any of that helps!


Re: ACV to be refrigerated?

Hello hengam and kathyb!

You can store the apple cider vinegar in the refrigerator if you wish, or in a cool, dark place, like a pantry. The vinegar acts as a preservative, but, as kathyb writes, shelf life is extended in the fridge--  cider vinegar turns faster than regular, because of the flavoring, i.e., more potential for bacterial growth. Once opened, you can get a good 12 months if well sealed. You'll want to toss if it smells rancid any time before. Bragg makes a great raw organic, same company that offers excellent liquid aminos.

Would be curious to hear about the Wise Ways rinse. Looks pretty good from the ingredients. Very soothing.

Thanks MM folks!

Re: ACV to be refrigerated?

Thanks.  If 12 months is reasonable to expect, I think I'd just keep it in the kitchen cupboard as the fridge gets overloaded in the summer as it is.
Bragg is the one I'm using now, unfiltered unpastorized --both for a.m. drinks with honey and for occasional hair rinses, so each bottle lasts for a month or two at most nomicons/smile

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I do that, too! I keep mine in a lower cupboard and mark the date after opening. How do you like it in your morning drinks? I've never tried that, it sounds cleansing. I don't use it in my own blend hair rinses, but have heard it works well, especially for scalp. nomicons/wink

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i've just started taking it with honey in a cup of hot water 1st thing in the morning before gym-ing... Haven't added molasses as per Anthony's recipe to it yet.  It's not the yummiest thing to wake you up in the morning, but....
I was recommending it to my mother the other day, and much to my surprise, she said that my aunts grandmother et al. have been taking this drink for years now (they all live on the other side of the world) and this just gave me a sense of unity --hard to describe but a very good feeling.  On the downside, much of the old wisdom is what we've heard a hundred times as kids perhaps but never took it seriously till we read it somewhere on the web or such media ??  I'm going to try to dig my memorey as to what I used to hear from grandma -sure henna and chickpea flour come to mind on the hair loss/strengthening side.

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Another great drink is Kombucha - its a raw fermented tea - I usually drink GT's Organic Raw Kombucha favourite flavour is the trilogy.  I've found that if I'm craving something - thats not too healthy and a drink a kombucha and the craving is usually gone....


Re: ACV to be refrigerated?

Hello all!

Could anyone explain to me how ACV is used for the hair and scalp. I am fairly new to all of this and wanted to know if it is used straight on the hair, mixed or diluted w/ anything? How long does it stay in the hair or should it be rinsed out immediately and what are the benefits of ACV for the hair and scalp?

I have used it in the AM w/ honey, molasses and H20 as a drink which I actually enjoy. Seems to give me a quick pick me up and energy as well.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give.