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Hello,  Just a general question about hair brushing.  Sometimes I worry that it is damaging/pulling out hair b/c my hair is wavy and hard to brush through.  This is especially true when I do the first part of the brushing bent over.  Just wondering if anyone skips the brushing part of the method or if that is ever advised?  Also, please answer how many times per day you brush.  I always do scalp massaging.  Thanks!  Maya

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Hair brushing is part of one of the spokes in the wheel
it takes the excessive oils out of the nape brings them down to the ends of ones hair
and puts your elixir oils back into the hair line.

suggest brushing three times per day
am/afternoon/and before going to bed

its not damaging nor pulls ones hair out
just make sure one is using a natural boar bristle brush and brush gently.

its all part of the normal cycle of hair care.

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hi Maya
pace Anthony, i don't brush because i have very curly hair (almost kinky but in a very orderly pattern if that makes sense) and so brushing =pulling out whatever hair is on the scalp nomicons/sad  so far as i recall, i only brushed when i was a tene and back then i always had very short hair. so though i'm aware that scalp needs the exercise, i'd have to give that to my scalp through gentle massage upside down a few minutes a day so that it keeps up with circulation.  brushing --no matter what type of brush- is impossible for my hair type. good luck!

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Hi Hengam,

Just wanted to thank you for your reply.  I did try brushing today and I think if I am very gentle it may work for me.  We'll see!

Take great care,

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