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Okay interesting thing going on here. Ever since I went from cooked to only eating raw alive foods for the past 2 years my hair seems to have changed textures a lil. Okay what happens is after I shower, if I dont brush it, at all, just towel dry and leave as is... next morning my hair will be wavy. Never did that before. But the thing is it looks messy wavy, not like sleek wavy, just messy with flyaways like bad bed head hair. But if I comb my hair it then becomes str8 wether Its dried and combed or wet and combed ARGH. I want the waves man.

So any tips on achieving this look without it looking sloppy? I do have the blood of Dragon styling gel... So any tips? I do have long hair... so... I was thinking possible sea salt, aloe gel from plant and dragon gel, scrunching hair and wallah? I shall try. But any tips from the pros would be amazing. Thank u!

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Re: Str8 2 Wavy Hair...

Hi DL,

You can braid your hair over night that will give you nice sleek waves :-) or make sections & twist the hair then fasten it & leave until almost dry, i do that sometimes since my hair isn't long enough to braid. i have straight hair, but can obtain waves, which i usually go for because if i wear my hair straight, then it looks horribly thin & it's just all over the place with no hold. with waves i feel i have more control.

hope this helped.


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WHAT WE did at Kenneths salon for making ones hair wavy and curly

after shampooing towel dry and leave damp
then comb or brush into place
meaning brush to the left or the right and use large clips to hold ones hair into place and let dry naturally.
when hair is dry remove clips and brush out
and walla great waves and curls naturally.


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Re: Str8 2 Wavy Hair...

Thanks all... I have actually tried the braiding thing, But one morning I woke and it looked like I had crimped hair from the braids.. It was really funny. I was like, man guess my braiding skills arent up to salon status.  It was like kinky where the braid was and then str8 where the braid ended, it was funky, in a bad way. LOL

Anthony thanks. But Im not quite sure what you mean. You mean like use clips and create like, I dont know, finger type waves using clips and letting it dry that way?

I think I will once hair is towel dried, comb it, once combed into position, then apply product and scrunch it up, and possible try the tips you both gave and we shall see.

I will let ya know.