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Dear anthony,
I really should be getting ready for work right now, but this has been on my mind since i came across it, and after having woke up with a particularly bad hair day , I was really wanting to look into it.
I think it is like a weave, I don't really know the mechanics of a weave, but they say that this is different.

It is a woman who developed it who starte loosing her own hair at 14. 
Do you know anything about it, such as if i were to get one if i could continue to try and get my real hair and scalp healthy still?

thanks, here's the link:


Re: LeMetric hair center

Dear Kathy

all weaves are destructive and alot of chemical abuse.

this is no different
from the model pictures they look horrid.
and this person is certainly not a pro on doing weaves its obvesios from the pictues again very amateur.

but my advise is NO coloring chemical agents no matter what they say
there all CHEMICAL and very abusive to ones hair and scalp.

just my advise after over 40 years of hair care.

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Re: LeMetric hair center

your response made me laugh!  after i wrote you , i googled across a web site called and the women who wrote in described awful experiences with them.  They said the owner is a bully, the pieces look awful, and they try to rip you off.  Also that one person lost more hair where it is tied in.
So i definitly wont be persuing that.

I was trying to imagine how you would brush it.  I cant imagine not being able to run a brush from the front of my hair back.  also , they seem like they'd itch and pull.