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I'm new to this forum.Sorry for my spelling,i'm from southern Europe so my English may not be easy for you to understand it.But I'll try.

I'm a 31 years old male fanatic of natural foods, who always had full strong black hair.I almost never used chemical shampoo and if I did it was only once every 3 months.My 50 years old parents still got all their hair and never experienced hair loss  as the majority of my family.Having grew up with a mediterranean diet and fresh fruits and veggies I always had strong and beautifull hair.........until...

...Until I used Apple cider vinegar and virgin coconut oil.
I first used to drink ACV everyday mixed with other stuff to make my special(weird) elixir to flush out toxin,wich I'm sure it's very good for health and I still do.Until I've heard that it was good for the scalp and hair grow.Even though I didn't have any problem of hair loss at all, I still decided to try it in my hair to make it better than it was.
So,once a week every sundays for one year as a ritual a used to empty a quarter of a bottle of bragg ACV directly into my scalp (yes I know) sometimes even without drying it and sleeping all night with it and the horrible smell thinking it will absorb better into my scalp (I know,I know).Other times after rinsing the vinegar I used also to put a lot of virgin coconut oil into my hair for styling it.

For almost a year I may say that it worked very good.I experienced a much beautifull strong black and tough hair than I already had.
But from 3 months ago I started to experience hair loss.Not to much but everytime I weit my hair their is always hair falling out.
First I thougt it was just dead hear and thought it was normal.But in early august I cut my hear very short like Marines style and since my hair didn't grow back that much in the top like it used to be.I started to get paranoic,everytime I see my hair in the mirror under the sun or a light I can see more my scalp and less hair exactly where I used to poor the ACV and coconut oil
It's a nightmare,before I was worry that someday around maybe 60 or 70 years old I may be loosing some hair like many men,but now at 31 even my 51 year old father have more hair than me.I still have a lot of hair on the top and when my hair is dry it looks like very normal.But when Its weit it I can see more my scalp and my hair dosen't grow as fast as before..............Whats going on in here,i'm only 31?

I'm almost sure that it is because of the ACV and COCO oil excess I used that screw up all my hair.I hate those products now.Becoming paranoic I started my on war to recover my hair until I got your website and frankly it is maybe what I'm looking for.I'm thinking in buying MM products soon.

Now here is my questions for Anthony and others too:

-Do you think that I may have burned or blocked my hair follicles or maybe even the root with the ACV and COCO?

-If yes,doing the detox program can help me for that and my hair would naturaly regrow normally with time?

-Also,I'm using this products to help my hair grow.please tell me what do you thing about them:

-Human growth hormones Homeopatic (not steroid)
-Chelation therapy (to detox the whole body)
-nickel eliminator NMS
-follinex pills from
-super hair energizer shampoo FERM.T  from paul Oberdorf
-a lot of wheat grass
-and my special mixture: lavender,rosemary and ginsen.I chop up the whole thing and remove the skin of the ginger and then put it in a sauce pan with boiling water,cover it and simmer for 10mn,stirring every now and then.then after cooling I put the water into a spray bottle and spray my hair with it.
(I just started all this products so don't know if works yet)

-Also I've heard that in central America the shamans and people in the country side wich the majority of them don't know what is baldness,use to cut off in pieces a MASACUATE snake or BOA CONSTRUCTOR and put it in a pan and boil it.Then after coiling they put the juice remaining in there hair to have strong and tough hair grow.If somedoy heard about it too please tell me? I'm still researching about it.

PS:I do think that meditation with positive thinking like the Silva ultramind method may help a lot.

Thank you to answering me and good luck to you all

Re: apple cider vinegar disaster

Dear Concerned

yes using acv and coconut oil to excessive use did cause a major scalp disorder.

of course that all has to stop
doing our Zen detox will help tremendously
and alternating our 5 shampoos one each time
and alternating our 6 conditioners will also reconstruct your scalp.

suggest cutting the ends using our lunar haircutting chart.

not doing anything else as your scalp needs a rest.

after all we do not live in the central american jungles as do the natives especially the shamans......

of course meditation and positive thinking is a major yes here and for everyone
alot of
breathing, meditation, brushing and scalp massaging.

let us know how you progress

Great Luxurious Hair

Re: apple cider vinegar disaster

Not sure why anyone would want to put so much vinager on scalp, especially for no particular reason.