Topic: 80's hair

Dear Anthony,
I have wondered about this from time to time, but cannot remember if I have ever asked you about it.

From the period of time starting from when i was about 12 years old until I was say 15 years old, my getting ready for school routine consisted of me brushing my bangs down straight, applying uncensored amounts of hairspray from an aerosol can, then either using a curling iron or a brush and hair dryer, curl the hair back, and plaster it with more hair spray.  If this wasn't bad enough, I would look in the mirror, decide it didn't look good, tear the whole thing out with a brush ( pulling and hacking through the crispy dried mass with wild abandon)  and repeat the whole process , say 5 - 10 times?  before i ran out of time and had to leave in the morning for school. There were morinings when my scalp felt sore from all the pulling, and I did get the heating instruments close enough to my scalp that I could feel burning at times.  But during this phase of hair styling, i never lost hair.  ( I should add that there was plenty of gel, mousse, and teasing involved in this too.)

that was over 15 years ago.  Lucky for my hair, the natural look came in style my sophmore year in high school and all that came to an end.  During that time i had waist lenght curly beautiful hair  that even YOU would die for!

My hair loss did initially beging in my 20's, but it was only enough that i could notice and I lost alot of the curl.  But looking back, it was minor, and I wore my hair in shoulder length bobs and it looked great.  Well, I always found something to criticize, but it looked great in retrospect.

My question is, do you think that my early teenage routine could have any effect on the hairloss I am having now, in my early 30's?


Re: 80's hair

Dear Kathy
yes all this contributes to hair loss and thinning
sounds like a miracle any of us survived all of these crazy trends.
but upward and onward
be positive and the more natural the better.

Great Health its all that we truly have.

thank you MOther Nature.