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About four years ago on a long hair site this method seemed to be the latest thing to try.  I bought the trial pack, but I admit I did not give it the full 90 day trial to detox.  I only used it for a week because my hair became extremely dry. I applied henna over (not yours), and my hair stayed dry, like straw no matter what.  I ended up cutting it every couple of months to get rid of the dry hair. I quit visiting the long hair boards  for awhile and lately have returned to read what everyone is now using.  I see that there are a few who would not give up MM for anything.  So, I am thinking of trying it again but this time really giving it a try.  What I would like to ask is this, are there any people who just cannot use this line or is it just that people are not folowing the procedure right?  Have there been some people who are just not happy with MM? Right now I am alternating between Ida's shampoo bars and Jason shampoo and conditoner as is my two daughters. As you can see, I am somewhat afraid of my hair getting straw-like again.

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I'd say get the sample pack and see. I really like this line myself, but know a few folks who tried as they might, it just didn't do for them what it does for me. We all have different skin/scalp/hair and as with anything we use, some will think it's the best thing ever while others won't. Can't hurt to give it a good try before casting the vote 'forever.'

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I do know it's important to give the hair lots of moisture after using henna, but I wonder if MM's conditioners would have an intense enough effect?

I've wondered about this, since I use cassia obovata about once a month (just for strength, doesn't change my color) and a followup deep moisture treatment seems essential, but I'm not sure the MM products are quite what's needed in that instance. I'm still experimenting, but haven't yet settled on a routine. I'm reluctant to use other brands for deep conditioning, but kind of wonder what else I might do?

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I've never used any other kind of henna except MM's. I rinse it out, use a large toothed comb while the water is pouring down my hair to detangle, and when it's dry, it feels just fine as in soft and not dried out.  It's not till the next day where I will shampoo and condish--- and hair feels great. Maybe brands of henna differ.

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I think every ingredient matters when using MM henna, from the water you are using (from the tap? is it filtered?) to the type of tea. I've never had my hair turn out straw like with MM henna and I always recommend MM henna to folks who want to try something other than a chemical OTS product.

With MM henna, I wash my hair fresh in the morning (with Fire) and let it air dry. I do my mixing using filtered water and a nice green tea and I make my prep rather soupy. When I've made it too thick, it doesn't cover as well. After about an hour to an hour and a half of this on my head (wrapped in plastic), I stand in the shower and rinse rinse and rinse even more. I know I'm doing it the "hard" way, but I love the feel of water cascading down on my head, so the time it takes doesn't bother me too much. When I know I've gotten all the henna pieces out, I gently dab my hair with a towel, comb it with a wide tooth comb and let it air dry.

I've had folks feel my hair after it is freshly dried from a henna coloring/treatment and they can't believe I don't use a conditioner.  I hope you get a chance to try it again and that the results are what you are looking for.